How do i know i'm at the level to compete with online players

I NEVER win in any online matches, and that frustrates me…
I can play against Hard CPU with Blanka(main) and makoto(second)…
is that not enough?

Don’t take online too seriously, every little frame of delay can make the biggest difference. You are better off playing human opponents than CPU opponents because you can’t play mind games vs an opponent that is programmed to react to certain things only in certain ways.

Just goto practice mode, set the AI to recording and record what the opponent was doing that you were struggling against and see what your options are and what Blanka can do about it. When you lose, just keep asking yourself questions like “Why did I lose?” “What did I learn from this?” etc… Then try to find the answers to those questions.

You can’t rely on CPU for you training. It does incredible stupid things like focusing your ultra or it’s a psychic opponant who reads all your inputs and counter all your moves.
When you play ranked matches make sure you have same skill on, you will have better chances to play opponants of the same level. Otherwise the best is to find a training partner and play sessions on endless battle.

i have won 3 of 53 games…

hah! but is fun anyway, keep playing if you enjoy game, CPU is boring compared to meaty brains

yea but it makes me rage…so frustrated when i keep thinking: I should’ve done this, I should’ve done that after the match.

I think i should invite my friends to my house and play against them first…they know how to play the game but not as well as me.

It helps to organize yourself and try to figure out WHY you lost. After you start to recognize your mistakes, you can write them down, and try to work on them on e at a time. Setting goals for yourself and practicing hard will slowly improve your game.

kinda…embarassing and hurt(inside) to watch those replays, when i see myself doing silly things

The replays are the best way to learn. Trust me, we were all like you once.

You just gotta keep playing HUMAN players, get experience and learn from your mistakes. There are also good character guides on and They’re are definitely worth checking out.

yes! this is the best part about fighting games. EXPERIENCE the merciless personal degradation and then PUT YOURSELF BACK TOGETHER STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE

one day i will be the most powerful digibot in the wooorld

If you can mash DP when blocking, then you are good to go online.

You can blame the lag or simply ask the other person to let you win.

On another note, if you truly want to be good at the game as is, you have to be able to beat everyone so you don’t have a choice in the matter of complaining, if you consider the game unfair or boring that’s a different story. However it does sound like your having more fun playing offline CPU so just feel free to do that, in MvC3 you may be interested in getting shadow mode.

Since you bothered to make a thread, I’m going to assume you’d like to become good or at least are thinking about playing the game on at least semi-serious level.

Main and alt already? If you just started playing the game, don’t ever bother with multiple characters. Pick one that you like and play well with and just stick to that ONE character for some time (months at least, not weeks). Don’t do the mistake of trying out multiple characters and relying on their gimmicks instead of, or before learning the fundamental knowledge required for a solid play. Trying to learn multiple characters in the first stages of playing a fighting game is too much info to absorb. Way too much.

Oh and fighting the CPU can bring some bad habits along. Just play online as much as you can and don’t bother with winning. While watching your replays, don’t think about how you suck, but why you suck; try to eliminate these problems, one by one. Grind it out, you’ll pick up experience.

Everyone new to fighting games gets owned hard. Real hard. Better get used to it. =)

I prefer playing with friends more, i often invite them around my house to play, like the atmosphere.
but most of the time i play against CPU and online players because i dont have other options.

Sometimes those people are very aggressive, i could do nothing but to block all the time. It’s a massive step up from playing against CPU to human…
I have been playing fighting games since i was young, but never play it properly, sometimes i ask myself: I’ve been playing these for years, why i’m still crap…

You are not alone. I’m fighting in arcade mode on hard, but online I get like 1 win in 7-8 matches.

Guys, if we are on the subject, I have a question: how can I watch the replay of my matches ? I play on ps3 - ranked.
I know it’s sound silly, but I can’t figure out where to watch them. And that would help me a lot. Thank you.

Wish my friends would play Street Fighter. Tried to force them into it so many times, lol.

They might be more aggressive, but they’re still human. Look for mistakes in their play and above all, play smart. They’re not as cheap as the CPU tends to be (reaction ultra in my face for doing a single cr.MK, oh how many times did that happen…), so you’re free to condition them into doing what you want. It’s all mindgames.

Hey, when AE came out, I finally took my Ibuki online, went over to ranked matches and the very first one was a mirror. The other guy absolutely outplayed and obliterated me. It’s just part of the process ;D

Just don’t lose faith. If you get over this initial difficulty, the game gets mad fun. It’s worth it.

Like they said earlier, playing CPU teaches you really bad habits like wakeup srk’s and ultras. Which against a human opponent will get you punished hard. Stick with one character for a while and learn all of their normals, and what each of them is used for just this alone will take you so far.

And if you do play some super aggressive people, just block. It’s probably THE most important thing to know how to do well in these games.

Have you bought the game? If yes you’re ready.

Are you attempting ranks?

Honestly, get somebody to spar with in endless…

You’ll never be able to START playing competitively, if you’re online playing a variety of people and nobody to coach you.


By the time you play the same player again, you’ll forget all those “should have dones” that you thought about when you first lost, thus, you’ll lose again.
Playing a decent JohnQ player will allow you to learn that matchup, and apply it to others.

In the arcades, you could get away with this, because if you go with friends, you’ll have him or her standing behind you and coach your mistakes as you’re playing and give you advice, that you can apply IN matches as you play.

Read this:

To watch your replays, use the battle log in the replay channel. You can get to the replay channel from either the online menu or the options menu.

  • Hope this helps.

thank you, Dash Cancel :).