How do I know wich combos will/wont work in "outdated" trials?


Hi all, I have a question regarding the trial challenges in SFV.

When I try to do the trial vol 1 challenges, it tells me that some of the combos could be outdated. Vol 1 has around 10 trials. Ive understood that the trial volumes are patched after seasons, wich means that vol 4 = season 4 (right?). Anyways, the problem is that vol 4 isnt outdated but only has 2 trials wich doesnt give me alot to work/practice with

My bottom line is, id like to practice some combos with Ken that will work online. I like the SFV trial system but I dont want to practice on something outdated and on something that wont work in online ranked games. My question is, how do I know wich of the Volume trial combos will/wont work against online players?

Thanks alot everyone.



Trial combos don’t always mean optimal combos. This is typically the case across a broad spectrum of games with trial modes. They can be fun and a rewarding challenge to complete but they don’t always translate well into versus play.

You’ll have to do a bit of research or video analysis to see what’s optimal. You’ll also want to be sure you’re using up to date information (season 4 for SFV).

Specifically for Ken, you can try to look up Momochi, Sasaki, and ChrisT for video analysis. Discord is usually another great source of information and a lot of games have gone the route of Discord instead of posting to forums. Even something as simple as youtubing ‘sfv ken season 4 combos’ might bring up what you are looking for.


Exactly the answer I was looking for + a bit more. Thanks alot, I will surely look it up!


Is there a combo list thats been working through all the seasons? And that works online?


You’re welcome. My only other suggestion would be to get a basic understanding of frame data (will help in every fighting game and not just SFV).

So for Ken if you know that his crouching MP is +5 on hit and that his standing LK starts up in 4 frames then that will combo (as long as spacing/range provides). Since you can cancel his stand LK you can do the following: crouch MP, stand LK xx HP Shoryuken.

I found this on the SRK Wiki but not sure if it’s 100% up to date.



    b+MP > HP > HK Tatsu or HP Shoryuken
    xx HP Shoryuken
    b+MP > HP xx HK Tatsu or HP Shoryuken
    LK xx HP Shoryuken (use when b+MP won't reach)
    > HK xx HP Shoryuken
    xx V-Skill, LK Tatsu, HP Shoryuken


    V-Skill (hold), HP Shoryuken

Crush Counter

    b+MP > HP > HK Tatsu or HP Shoryuken
    xx V-Skill, HP Shoryuken


Thats way to complicated at the moment!

But isnt there a list at all for Ken? Like his basic combos that actually work online? Or should I just practice on the command list? My plan is to start practicing combos and then trying to apply them vs online, and at the same time learn or understand the movements/blocking/parrying. But I dont want to go vs online and just mash buttons, do you know what I mean? Im more or less looking for a starting guide with Ken but I cant seem to find any that holds his basic combos that works till this date.


The BNB combos are essentially the most basic combos besides things like crouch MP xx fireball, stand MP xx fireball, crouch MK xx fireball, and crouch LK > crouch LP xx HP Shoryuken.

You’re right in the sense that you don’t want to go online mashing buttons. Learning how to play fighting games will come with its challenges.

Momochi did a really basic video at the start of SFV that should still hold some merit for Ken. It’s annotated because he speaks Japanese but the content itself is quite good.


Thanks again, gonna check the video out. Is there any point in completing and practicing the vol 1-4 trials? Will it benefit me or give me anything to use online or is it a waste of time?


If you enjoy doing them there’s certainly no harm in completing them. You’ll just have to understand that you’ll likely be using other optimal combos in versus play.


I see. One more question. U sound experienced so id like to know how you would start learning street fighter and your charachter. What would u do first, what would u put the most time on and so on. How would your training schedule/plan be?


That’s a more difficult question. When I think about fighting games I think about the timer, the frames (startup, active, & recovery), movement of my character and the opposition’s (spacing), and the meters (health/EX/etc.).

These facets really dictate how the game is played. I think a good place to start is to just get ‘comfortable’ with your character. Spend some time in the training room just moving your character around the screen. Then you can start adding in more complicated movements like dashes and jumps to see alternative ways of moving your character.

From there I would just hit buttons and see what your normals ‘feel’ like. Get a sense of how quickly/slowly they come out and how they recover. Your normals are important because they are the safest way of contesting space and putting hitboxes on the screen. How you move and use your normals will form your ‘ground game’ or ‘space control’. Being cornered is very disadvantageous so that’s why controlling the screen is so important. Conversely, cornering your opponent is advantageous so using your movement and hitboxes to push your opponent into the corner is ideal.

There are so many intricacies that I could delve into but I would try to think of the game in a very basic form to start with.


Wow, thank you so much. Really helped me set a starting pattern here, your absolutely right with just trying to feel the character out, its nothing I actually thought of. I noticed the training room is awesome but if Id like some reaction from my opponent would you recommend me Arcade Mode or VS battle CPU or Casual matches? Im thinking of just getting the feel of controlling the space on the screen and trying to hit my normals and blocks/parries and so on.


That’s another difficult one as well. The CPU is not a good indication of how a real player will play. At the other end of the stick you could play casuals but if you’re facing off against low ranked opponents you might see gameplay that doesn’t really represent how fighters are played. You’ll see lots of specials throw out (unsafe generally), lots of jumping, mashing grab when close, and general mashing of buttons.

If you post in the SFV sention in the general thread you may be able to find some opponents. There are definitely people who care about the game even if they aren’t great players (like myself XD). Even some of the stronger players in general might be willing to offer some assistance.

I play on PC so if you happen to have the PC version we could perhaps play sometime.


Id more than love to play against you. my steamID is mateen2128