How do I learn from my loses?


I’ve been losing consistently and I’m pretty pissed, but I still want to learn so I don’t lose to those situations. I want to know how you guys learn from your loses in fighting games.


Try watching your replays, see when you get punished/ miss opportunities etc


Don’t only learn from your losses, learn from the games you win too. Post the matchs, win or lose, for others to see and accept the input from others.


This, also after getting creamed by a better player, ask for endless battles/ extended sessions. This way you can try to adapt to the specific matchup and playstyle


I try to remember, or watch if I can, the one moment in the match where I get blown up or where I’m punished for the loss. Best way to learn from a loss is to learn your opponent’s strategy, and how to disrupt it. Get them off their game will cause them to make mistakes, leaving you to punish them.


Watch your own matches over again in the replay channel, or better yet, post those matches up to youtube, and ask for a good critique. Like others have stated, you can learn from both your wins and your losses.

But getting pissed is good. Salt breeds motivation. Nobody ever got any better by being HAPPY all the time, and holding each others’ hands and shit. Getting mad gets you motivated to get better, that’s step one, so here’s step two:

Ask yourself a lot of WHY questions. Why did you do this, why did you do that. Every move that you should be making in a match, should have a purpose. Once you find out why you did something, then you can figure out whether or not it was a smart decision, and whether or not that decision worked. Here’s some examples:

WHY did you choose to jump at your opponent at this point in time? Is it to punish a fireball? Did you do it randomly? Did you feel like he was playing passively, and thought you could get away with it? Was it to do an ambiguous cross-up? Did it work? Why or why not?

So you figure that out. Let’s say for example that you did it randomly and got punished. Clearly it was a stupid thing to do. All right. So now what? Maybe you should make it your goal not to jump so much during a match. Give yourself a restriction, make it so that whenever you play a match for the next few days or a week or so, you’re only allowed to jump twice per round. Resist every possible urge to jump randomly, and just rely on your ground game and fundamentals to carry you through. You’re probably going to lose a lot, but that isn’t the point, the point is to train you to not take so many needless risks in a game, rely on your basic skill set to win out, and thus you’ll become a better player.


reason I lose:

opponent has better zoning and frame traps
knows the matchup
able to link hits and combos and link them fast and precise
doesnt waste meter and uses it whenever its needed
uses mostly high tier players but uses them well

if they are the reasons I lose, I am not angry at all. only when a move I want to do doesnt work at that time and costs me half the life bar do I get angry but then I know my level

regarding SF4, now I am even worse e than when I started in win/loss ratio but know the game a little better. too much theory hurts in the end…


Play against good comp and lose a lot. Then I guarantee you’ll get better.


I pay attention to what I lose too. My key focus is not learning combos (which is always fun to do), but really learning the basics of my character first. What moves have good priority, what has good recovery, what moves make me generally safe on block, or safe on whiff.

Once you learn that, then pay attention to what works or not.

I don’t play SF4, but I’ll make something up

Honda’s EX-Head butt is generally good for anti air or punishing. So is his standing Fierce/HP. That’s my basics, then once I realize st. F isn’t working as an anti air against certain moves, then I’ll try EX- Head butt.

And then I make a mental note from that.

Try not to give yourself too much information, cause then you’ll end running a million and one scenarios in your head, and that will get you killed. Stick to your basics, and learn something to the point that becomes reaction, then move on to the next thing. It takes time to build yourself this way, but in the end it’ll be worth it.


> Why did you lose
> Don’t do that in the future

It’s like making an amazing structure. Knocking it all down and then making a bigger and better structure. Repeat this process an infinum times and voila.