How do I make a stick stiff?

do I stretch the spring out or squeeze it together?

use a harder spring. no homo.

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Ok, serious answer now. You can compress the spring, but the difference is minimal. So yeah, a harder spring is the way to go.

What joystick are we talking about here?

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i had to buy a new longer spring. makes it a little tighter

i’ve seen people use two springs before, though i don’t really know anything other than that

Using 2 springs sucks. It makes the recoil more mushy and not necessarily tighter. Yes, there is more resistance in general, but it makes the stick feel like your moving it through thick rubber or oatmeal.


For a cheap cheap cheap quick temporary solution, just stretch the spring out (not too much… you don’t want it to lose its springy-ness) and it’ll give it a tighter feeling without having to spend any extra $$$. This will last for some time… but I dunno how long before it gets squished back to it original size. This is mainly to see if you like the extra stiffness without $$$ commitment.

Yeah, I stretched one of my JLF springs out pretty far using two needle-nose pliers, be careful not to go overboard, it can make it practically unplayable.

for some reason i cant use the ps2 pad as proficiently as ps1 pad. if i bought a ps1 pad would it connect to the ps2 port?

Rub Gently.

Just buy a stiffer spring, stretching is a temporary fix but imho it still won’t feel the same.

For JLF = Original spring + LS-33-spring = Great.

If its a Sanwa JLF, [media=youtube]QytcbzZmXaI"[/media]. Its from TheRealNeoGeo himself so he gets to cash in all the cred, obviously.

I use a Semitsu LS-56 and a Happ360. Both are pretty good.

Bingo. Stretch it a good inch or so(so that it stays an inch longer).

If it gets too stiff, you’ll need to cut a piece off to make it shorter/looser again. You don’t want to have to cut it too.