How do i make an arcade stick?

hey guys, new here, um how do i make an arcade stick? for computer?

i found an emulator thing called mame and its cool but it kinda sucks with a keyboard, i wanna joystick so i can play time killers and maybe super smash brothers on a gamecube emulator since its like the best fighting game ever. i have wood but how do i make a joystick? where do i get the buttons?

Might wanna start here:

The stickies * REALLY* need to be in all caps.

to answer your question with a question…
how do i browse the stickies and search the forums to find something that may already have been answered?

R9 seems to be trolling all over these boards. He made the non-funny SF1 tier thread right here on the Tech Talk boards, and he has posted on other threads by just saying ‘madcatz sucks’ or ‘lol madcatz’ or something of the like. I don’t think we should take this one question very seriously either.

get a madcatz :arazz:

Seriously, I spent a week of solid perusing this site for any tidbit of info I could get before starting.

Then Slagcoin came along and gave the Bible of Stick Building and Info to us.

Bookmark it.

Between the info of this and that site, you should not have to ask anything at all about it.

stop feeding the troll guys…

Lurk the fuck outta Tech Talk until you know what you’re doing.

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