How do I make myself like SF4?

Ello Shoryuken.

I’ve had SF4 ever since the day it came out, but for some reason I can only find myself playing it off and on every now and then.

It just doesn’t appeal to me, but I WANT it to appeal to me, as it is obviously the biggest competitive fighting game out there.

The thing that draws me away most of the time are the combos. I play Guilty Gear, Blazblue, TvC, MvC (kinda) and the Smash Bros series. As you know while in the air, ANYTHING hits if they don’t block/airdodge. In SF4, only certain things air combo into other certain things. This is also why I prefer Third Strike, because of their air combo system. It was much more lenient and if I remember correctly, there was a seven hit limit preventing infinites. The parry system also removed the fireball spam almost completely. Another thing is the links, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that has a problem with those. The strict timing just renders most of them useless, in my opinion. The fact that SF4 was made with 2 in consideration is probably another reason, as I was not big on SF2 at all.

In reality, that’s not it. I don’t know WHAT it could be that draws me back from this game entirely, but there’s other reasons I can’t think of at the moment.

Also, I have no problem with the competitive outcome of the game, such as Sagat being OP and Kens galore online, because that’s how it goes in every game.

Serious question, what can I do to make me like SF4?

you’re not the only one.

I feel like I’m the only person that likes links

Seems like SF4 might not be the type of game you enjoy and thus you shouldn’t play it? Why should you force yourself to play it?

first of all you have to accept sf4 for what it is. there’s a lot of good habits from other sf games that are now bad habits in sf4. once you learn how to plink, almost all the hard links in this game are easy. learn to be more patient and defensive and maybe you’ll start liking the game a little more. it’s on the boring side for me but i still find sf4 more fun than any non sf game for the most part. i play it off and on but i keep coming back so i guess i like the game but i don’t love it.

Because of how big the community is, really. It obviously has the most tournies of any other fighter, and that’s good for me because there’s little to no Smash or Blazblue scene here in Idaho.

If I were to attend a Smash tourney, there’s a large chance that SF4 will be there as well.

I’m also a fan of Capcom in general, and I do love most of their fighters.

Oh, and I did spend the money for a TE fight stick (even if it was for Blazblue), so I want to utilize it as best as I can.

Wait til super and then make your call. If you don’t like it, seriously don’t force yourself to play, you’ll just waste money and time you could be doing something else.

Watch videos of all the different characters and players with their different playstyles. If none of them really suit you and you still can’t get into it, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

I feel like I’m the only person that likes fireballs

hmmm…listen to the song “invincible” 24/7 for a month.

i’ve been using mine as a coaster for months. i’m not worried aboit it. frankly, i don’t think anyone is supposed to like every FG.

lobotomy is the answer or wait until super and play t. hawk like all the true ballers. :cool:

It’s better to be happy in a small crowd than miserable in a group, I think.

I think my main problem with it is how extremely defensive SF4 is, it seems like one big turtlefest.

Maybe that will change in SSF4.

If you figure it out let the rest of us know.

You just need motivation, try to find others who like the game and give it a chance. Try to understand pro players, read footsie articles and what not. The more your understand the rules, why it’s played the way it is etc, makes you more interested in it, the less you know about it, the easier you’ll write it off as boring.

I’m lucky because I like SF4. It must be depressing to have to play a game that you hate.

Play TvC, we need more players =)

dude, play what you want. i play sf4 time to time(oh, and sagat is not op. sure he has great options, but there’s not one character that can’t beat him, you just have to outsmart him), but i’m a king of fighters fanatic. and the kof scene is really, really low in texas, let alone america. being a part of the scene is fine and all, but play what you love on your own time. i join sf4 tourneys and all, but i play kof when i get home. only advice i can give you is try to play nonstop until you either get extremely frustrated with it, or until you start liking it. another thing, try not to play online. i’ve given up online fighting completely cuz it builds bad habits that won’t work offline, and it just doesn’t compete with offline play.

You are not alone.

Nor are you.

As a Guilty Gear player I would recommend trying Rufus. I had trouble getting into the game myself until I started playing him. You can be aggressive and run mixups, you don’t have to play defensively or turtle (usually), you don’t have to play fireball wars, and he is fairly quick which helps counteract the generally sluggish feel of the game. And above all, he is fairly easy to use so you A) don’t have to practice the game quite as much, and B) don’t have to worry about many links, and even without mastering his lk hp link you can still get by surprisingly well (though it certainly is recommended).

The only things I don’t like about Rufus are his weakness to zoning and general lack of a strong poke game, although the latter is more of a clash with my own playing style rather than a major weakness of the character.

Although with Super Street Fighter 4 coming out so soon you could always just wait and see if any of the new characters fit your style. I know I for one am interested in Juri and Ibuki, as they seem quick and offense-oriented, and the other 3rd Strike characters look pretty interesting as well.

Depending on your local scene, learning SF4 can really help get you integrated into the community and from there you can try getting people to branch out to other games that you like. If your community is more Capcom-oriented, as is often the case, learning SF4 will ensure that you always have something to play. Just don’t play online, it will make you hate the game.