How do I make myself like SF4?

Watch some high level Viper or Elf videos or Abel videos. How can you not like the game after seeing those?

I don’t understand why you would make yourself like a video game. There purpose is entertainment. Only like 5% of people playing any video game are getting anything but that out of it regardless how many tournaments they enter. Sure sf4 is popular but so is unprotected sex.

Press jab. A lot.

I was going to say watch pro videos, not amateur stuff.

To make you like Sagats, watch Mago stuff… with Ken stuff, Dr. Chaos and Dragon Boy.

video videos and more good entertaining videos. It should be enough to draw you into the game.
Dr. Chaos an TKD were enough for me to pick up Ken and Fuerte respectively

Play Mortal Kombat for a month straight.

UMk3 is serious.

Why even think about forcing yourself to do something (for which *you aren’t getting paid *) that you don’t enjoy? I hung up competitive fighters because I hate playing and watching SFIV (although high-level, in-person competition is always fun to be apart of). My choice was either I could train in something I hate in order to win 1/10 of my paycheck in regional events every other month, or I actually have fun when my fighter friends come over and play fun shit (Wrestlfest, Marvel, NBA Jam, older Capcom 2-D, UMK3, Mario Party).

When you make your hobby into a job, esp one you aren’t getting compensated for, you’re doing something wrong.

I was like you like a month into the game when it first came out. I had found out about third strike at the same time. The rest is history.

Hah! My main IS Rufus. Right on the dot. I have been trying the lk hp link out recently, too. I don’t have much luck yet.

I like this game but I get frustrated with the turtle/sagat/balrog/ryu/ken/lag fest that is online.

What I do is play online for like 1-3 hrs every 2 days to let my rage meter cool off in-between sessions :lol:

But I’m really looking forward to Super mainly for the team lobbies and endless battle game type.

I also suggest trying out a new character, I used to play as Bison but didn’t like his playstyle/weaknesses/ect so I picked up Seth after getting beat badly by 2 Seth players one time. Even though my online win percentage is a lot lower then what it was when I played with Bison, I have way more fun playing as Seth and can deal with turtles a bit easier now.

lk lk hp is easier for some weird reason back to the topic

SFIV is more of a defensive game, which requires more pokes and anti airs than any fancy combos. Play it for kicks if you don’t like the game. Try Tatsu or blaz blue. The scene is small for both games. Majors still have huge turnouts and those games will always be at evo, Until replaced by a predecessor.

I don’t know if this is the issue for you but I find myself in a similar situation due to the characters. I’ve never really liked the original World Warriors with the slight exception of Cammy though her moveset has always irritated me (especially in SFIV :stuck_out_tongue: ) I can’t play characters I don’t like.

Super’s helping me out on that front with some new/returning faces I like (Ibuki and Juri) so maybe it might be worth your while seeing if any of the newer fighters appeal to you/your playstyle? :3

Also, as you can guess from my avi I love guilty gear too :smiley:

Don’t play what you hate. I used to Brawl. I think Brawl is a pile of dogshit. I forced myself to play Brawl. I became much more cynical and frustrated about the game.

I stopped play Brawl. Now I play SFIV, and while it has it’s problems I like it alot more and I’m much happier.

My rip would be to set up a goal for yourself. I lost my spark for SF4 but then I decided to change it up and go from Sagat to Chun and then become a really good Chun player. Everytime im getting the execution down a bit better I feel great and it really made me like the game a lot more :slight_smile:

I’ve got bad news for you…

well ok, I don’t like any of the world warriors. Cammy was added in super :stuck_out_tongue:

play it with cool people who like it a lot

cant force yourself to like the game, you either do or dont. I didnt like blaze blue and was forcing myself to play it for a while, but eventually gave up on it cuz I wasnt enjoying myself. all you can do is give the game a fair chance, and if you still dont like it just drop it.

You could sing indestructable in your head every time you play, that’s how I keep the momentum going…

Orrr…Pick a character to fall in love with, I’ve enjoyed games that didn’t necessarily have gameplay that was my style just because I had a favourite character…

Anyway, with Super out this month maybe the change of pace and new characters will do something for you.

I think the biggest way to enjoy it is to play with peeps you like, as said by Mr Frog above.

Competition is what makes “most” people like fighting games. Find an arcade, play people around you that play sf4, join tourneys.

I hate the game, and never tried to force myself.

It kinda sucks. I was always a main eventer in the day. Only SF games I skipped playing were A3 and 3S (2button grab) So, things die off for years, now we got SFIV. I cant stand any aspect of the game. Weird gameplay mechanics, aesthetics, ect. But it revived our scene and made it bigger. I allowed myself to falter in IV. I’m not playing it… I just make EVERYBODY my bitch when just about EVERY OTHER game is played at our get-togethers.

Unfortunately with people feigning over SuperIV, what play older games get is going to die. So, I will try it out. If I hate it like regular IV, then I’ll be playing Skate 3 instead.