How do I neutralize the analog sticks on a 360 (Madcatz 4716) controller?

The sticks were bugging out and going everywhere so I removed them. However, they are both locked in the down-left position. I tried using resistors from high to wiper and wiper to ground but that didn’t change anything. Is there a quick method for getting them to stay neutral?

I have been trying to give the PCB a transplant from another PCB but either my tools or skills are insufficient to do so accurately. All I want is for the thumbsticks to not interfere with gameplay. Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated.

I hot glue gunned mine so they dont move

The problem I am having is that while the pots were perfectly still, the signals they gave were causing rapid movements on the thumbstick.

Very strange update. I decided to use 12kohm resistors instead of 5.7kohm resistors on the left stick. The vertical axis is repaired (and now acts as a digital switch when I short wiper to high or wiper to ground). I did the same thing to the horizontal axis and nothing changed. No change when I short high to wiper and it shuts down the controller when I short wiper to ground. Any idea why this is?

I finished putting resistors in the right thumbstick and now that one is completely neutralized. My only remaining problem is the horizontal axis on the left thumbstick. I believed that the capacitor under the High/Wiper/Ground connections on the back is the culprit. I replaced it with a capacitor from another stick and that didn’t work. Is there a special way to replace the capacitor (I did my best to remember the bias) or is there some workaround?

Edit: This capacitor is labeled C37 on the pcb.

Edit2: I re-replaced the capacitor and upped the resistors on the horizontal to 15khoms. Everything works perfectly now. I am happy.