How do i not lose quality?

I’m using photoshop and imageready 7.

ok well, i made this banner for a friend of mine and theres about 150 frames in it. Throughout the banner there is quality loss. I have set the optimized level to GIF, colors:256. Diffusion(88%)/No Diffusion.

I can’t figure a way to have it completely clean and no quality loss at all. can anyone help me out =(

Diffusion 88%… No Diffusion… which one is it? It can’t be both. Can it?

Try setting the Diffusion level to ‘No Dither’.

meaning, i tried both. No dither tried, still loses quality.

150 frames is quite a lot. Quality-loss can’t be avoided. (you can reduce the quality-loss by reducing the amount of animation)

The only way you’ll get no quality loss is if you have a 300+ kb file.