How do I off myself? We are doomed!

Today I have been talking to my friends, and some history subjects came up. Now, normally it’s fairly irrelevant when it comes to debating whether or not some ruler or war leader was in the right or wrong, fact is, it’s history. We got on the subject of people and kill counts in wars. Even though many are recorded for generals or warlords, my friends tried to tell me that there is no proof. Apparently, these scholars who followed these guys and counted their kills, didn’t actually do their job. Their argument was that History means nothing. It’s just written on paper and it’s whether or not you choose to believe it. I wish I could say I was getting trolled, but I wasn’t. I couldn’t believe I associated people who are this stupid. They don’t believe recordings to be true, based upon no physical evidence. The whole point of writing shit down on paper, is so it’s recorded and be looked at upon in the future!

I wish it just stopped there, they proceeded to try and argue that you don’t need to learn history, because it has no meaning in the modern world. Now, I don’t need to even explain how fucking dumb people are if they truly believe this.

TL;DR Friends are dumb as bricks

So, anyone else have any conversations with friends that made you dumbfounded?

To answer your question, cyanide. Quick, efficient, and I’ve heard it tastes like nutmeg.

Nope. Any friend that somehow discounts history and lacks any and all ability in common sense, logic, and reasoning, don’t stay friends for long.

My recommendation? Get new friends. Life’s too short to be spent hanging out with dumbasses who can’t comprehend the importance of human history.


gun in the mouth

Your friends sound like those nameless, numbered, uncounted & otherwise lost in battle fallen soldiers.

But those guys still get memorials.


I heard it tastes like bitter almonds.

High School English class textbook, short story, the suburbs… weird shit.

always two sides to the story. How about you get your friends to post their side on srk?

Need more information regarding your friends:

  1. Race/ethnicity
  2. Age
  3. Frequency of extra chromosomes in their family genealogies.

We’ll then continue in various ways to call your friends idiots and recommend that you withdraw from SRKGD, either until enough lolz have been had, or forever.

If you’re really looking for a good way to off yourself, might I suggest eating 5 lb of Haribo Sugar-free gummi Bears.

Seriously. Read the reviews.

It’s true that history does get altered so trying to keep numbers based on what’s recorded is pretty stupid, but it’s even worse to ignore it completely. You shouldn’t take anything as fact, just use historical texts to excersize your mind and keep it flexible enough to make concepts more perceptable. Instead of arguing to prove something you can’t prove just learn not to get carried away in those philosophical traps because all that matters is YOU and what YOU do to better humanity.

If you’re just gonna go back to baseless debating maybe you should off yourself

It’s been proven that the pleasure of heaven is inversely related to your pain of death. People who died in warm beds next to loved ones are basically tortured for eternity. I would recommend taping knives to your hands and throwing yourself under one of those little steam rollers they use for paving small parkings lots. The knives are there so you can ward off boy scouts and paramedics who try to stop the bleeding.,width=178,height=178/Repeat-Music-1v.png

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Do some end of life trolling by setting it up to look like you were murdered.

On a more serious note, you’d expect a little bloating of the killcounts of kings who were victorious in war, I mean I’d trust historical records in other areas but when it’s personal image it’s to be expected along with prettied up portraits and an extra inch or so to any penis lengths recorded. (If any were)

I mean come on, as a guy writing that shit down, that guy is your employer and him and his mates have just murked a fucking army, if he wants a little padding to his numbers for some extra big man points, he will bloody well get it.

lol get in a huge shouting fight with someone you hate then frame em. Evil yo.

I learned that when I got Archaeology.

LOL! Although i’d think that would be common knowledge by now, but yeah for the uninitiated, sugar-alcohol will friggin’ wreck you! Sugar alcohols basically function like a laxative, only worse. Your stomach will be literally yelling at you for eating that stuff.

And the sad thing is, sugar alcohol’s can still ruin a diet. As some of it is still absorbed. So its not even completely diet worthy.

Most sugar-free gums have sugar alcohol too.

These people are such fucking morons.

Well at least the ones that didn’t know Sugar Alcohol did this.