How do i open hori rap ex-se?

I have been googling a billion times tryin to find out but theres no answer. I have removed the 8 bottom screws and took out the board. Now im stuck … There are 4 screws i need to take out but i cant twist the nuts bcuz its covered by something that looks like gun crosshairs. I watched a vid of a hori rap ex and that one doesnt have the crosshair thing covering the nut so i think the Ex-se is differennt. How can i remove?

I pretty sure you remove the 6 screws from top to get to the inside

Oh do you know how to remove it from top? Theres no way i can fit anything in those screws to crank it out

Go get a cheap set of hex keys. It opens from the top similar to the TE.

Oh ok thats the only way to open ? What kind of hex key do i need to get and where can i buy?

You can get them in many places like a home depot or ace hardware store. I think even walmart sells sets of allen keys.