How do I open up someone?


Hello guys,

i have a serious question :confused:

Right now im doing relatively good in online matches (whatever that means…), but i seem to have one big problem.

If my opponent is smart and doesnt jump a round like an idiot and is willing to play footsies with me, i really have problems to open him up.
The neutral game seems to be really tough for me, but how am i supposed to train it?

I have already trained myself not to jump if not necessary and tbh most of the time you get antiaired anyway (at a certain PP lvl)

I should mention, i play Zangief.
I tried randomly dashing in and spd, doesnt work.
whiff lp gh into spd or lows doesnt work either, gets punished on recovery :frowning:

I know i can get in with a whiffpunished xx EX GH, but that doesnt occur too often and even then, i need to guess uppercuts, backdashes, backjumps, etc.

So spending a bar just to initiate the guessing game seems kind of expensive…

Are there general methods to open someone up?


it takes time and thousands of matches, but you will learn to trick them by attacking low when they thought you were attacking high and vice versa. Appear to do something stupid to bait out an attack and punish.



Go to the Zangief section and ask for tips.
Also watch that video above me since It’s helpful, and Footsies is something you need to learn before anything else besides Blocking.


Opening someone up comes from when they actually have to respect your pressure. The neutral game is called the neutral game because it is simply that: neutral. You are not pressuring them, forcing them to defend. Now if during the neutral game they block, look at your options: What allows you to close in with frame advantage or frame neutral on block? Are you safe to perform a jump in if not?

Real opening up comes from a successful knockdown. I play KOF but have not mastered the spacing for ambiguous crossups. As a result jumpins are a tactic I resort to a little less off a successful jumpin. If you’ve been hitting em with meaties or fireball pressure on wakeup then you’re conditioning em to block. After this you’ve never ever had an easier throw or command grab. Free as shit.


This usually requires a scalpel… and a medical license.


I was going to say lube and a silver tongue.