How do i option select?

I have been looking at but didn’t really get how to option select since it does not give full inputs. for example to option select the Orikasa it says “Pressuring on wake-up with cr.LP; catches backdash” but what are the full inputs, so that i could use the cr.LP option select?

This one is simple.

You press cr.LP, then cr.LP + cr.HK.
If your opponent backdashes, Ibuki will sweep them, but if they don’t, the cr.LP will come out.

This happens because you cannot chain cr.LP with a cr.HK.

You do this as fast as you would do two cr.LPs on someone, leaving no gap for them to do anything in between.

Thanks for the explanation, but is option select really only about inputting buttons and motions as fast as you can?

No, there’s specific timing to it, but there’s a massive window. You just press the cr.LP + cr.HK before the first cr.LP finishes completely, but after it connects on your opponent.

I like this topic so I hope nobody minds an outsider, as I still need to learn more on this as well. You don’t want to push buttons as fast as you can, you want to press them accurately and let the game decide which choice you made is the right one for what the opponent does. In the case offered, the second input will sweep if the person backdashes or continue your lp blockstring/hitconfirm if the stay put. You still need to watch to see if your jabs are connecting and then continue your assault appropriately. You might not want to OS sweep if the person never backdashes…maybe they always do reversal shoryukens. I’m not familiar enough with Ibuki to know what her counter to that is, but if this were the case maybe you could OS your ultra and catch them or ex neckbreaker to escape or ex upkick? If they just block, you get a jab, if they srk, you get the other option.

My point is that you don’t mash options selects because you need to see what actually happens. In my experience, if I do a divekick OS say to a lp.palm (Gouken) and I start mashing out jabs after I do the OS inputs, I DO NOT get the option select. My mashing overtakes the OS. Perhaps I am doing it wrong too so that’s why I came here.