How do i parry attacks in SFA3 anthology?

I believe that in SF alpha 3 on the PS2 anthology compilation disc, if you press & hold MP + MK on the “press start” screen and get to the “arcade” you enable the “Mazi” fighting mode which apparently emulates SF3rd Strike’s parry system?

Well, I haven’t played 3rd strike, but i must ask - how do i parry? I heard you press forward into an oncoming punch, or down forward, but that just gets me beat up quicker? What am i doing wrong? Help would be appriciated for i can’t get the timing right for love nor money.

Also, in said “Mazi mode”, WHAT is the L/C, on/off icon in the bottom middle, between the super x/a/zism bars?

You have it wrong. You can only parry in the ‘SF3-Ism’ in the unlockable Hyper Street Fighter Alpha. First, beat all of the Alpha games, to unlock HSFA, then start it up by holding select while selecting Alpha 1. Then put your cursor over Mazi, hold start, and press left or right. The cursor will dissappear, meaning you’ve selected it.

OK thanks. I’ll bear that in mind!

But what does the icon n the middle of the bottom screen in mazi mode mean?

Not quite right. You tap forward to parry high/mid attacks and you tap down to parry low attacks. Tapping down-forward will result in you getting hit.