How do I perform Hugo's command grab, Moonsault Press?


Hi; I recently bought Street Fighter x Tekken. The game’s really fun. I play Asuka and Hugo.

Unfortunately however, I almost cannot ever perform the Moonsault Press. An online guide says I should perform a counter clockwise circle starting with front (facing right). But as I perform the circle, Hugo jumps instead of grabs. If I perform the circle the other way so he would crouch instead of jump, the grab is not performed. I need help performing the command grab.

All help is appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: I forgot to mention. I use PS3 controller and d-pad to perform the moves. Thanks ^^.


Not sure whether it helps, but you can perform the command grab, when you press the punch button as soon as you hit up+back.
Don’t worry, if you don’t get it right away. It’s all a matter of practice.


Thanks Rc_ON. You are absolutely right. I tried performing the command grab with punch at up+back and it works.

And I need a confirmation. Is it necessary to perform a dash or attack while performing the circle part of the command grab (buffer)? If I don’t buffer, Hugo just jumps; if I buffer, Hugo grabs. Can I perform command grab without buffering? Or is buffering necessary?

Thank you all for your input. Thanks again to Rc_ON.


It’s possible to do it while standing and it doesn’t require too much practice (albeit some). Just remember to start with the joystick either backwards or forwards, and end in a up+forward or up+back respectively.