How do I perform this shenanigan?



At 6:09 in the video.

I’ve tried it in training mode but the scissors never come out what exactly are the inputs to make this work. BTW I’ve seen TTC Noah (you know that 8 year sf prodigy) do this way before Dogura. Looks like the japs are xcopying our technology.



can also be done off a forward throw. i’d only ever do it off a forward throw since back throws have way better set ups to go for usually.


This has already been asked before, it’s an auto correct move, charage d/b right away after the throw and input d/f immediately when you land in front of your foe!



hey guys. how about the trick done at 0.20?
I tried it after PC, it seems doesn’t have enough charge too. I tried the auto-correct method but it doesn’t come out too. =.=


you’re not doing it right. He’s holding his charge as soon as he does PC