How do I play against Turtles?

I guess this topic could be applied universally to the game, but at the same time I feel like Rose has a problem with characters whom have a tendency to block and then react (a great example being a standard Balrog).

I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to get a discussion going and work on some answers as to what the best tactic is in these types of match ups. Watching replays and seeing how others play, I feel like one of the biggest hurdles newer players have is getting around blocking.

More specifically with Rose, what are the best methods for getting around this? Trying to get a cross-up going is often hard, as she gets stuffed if you jump in too deep, and her fireball, while a nice distraction, is hardly a tool to use as constant pressure.


Depending on which character you are fighting…
We all know a Honda in lifelead >_<

Basic, imo
Full Range, Spark em.
Mid Range, go Full Screen n Spark em or walk slowly toward and block until u can start with ur pokes.
Close Range, Tick Throw em, Counter Hit em etc.

Remember this; the game of Street Fighter has multiple ways to get out of a block.

These are; overheads, low attacks, cross-ups, throws, and chip.

Rose has an amazing throw, an instant overhead (which sucks), decent cross ups, good lows, and she is the queen of chip.

I forgot to add that frame traps beat the crouch techs; which means that it’s your 50/50s that are safe in your favor, so don’t worry :).

I don’t know how other Rose’s do it, because at this point it becomes personal style. I don’t mind them blocking because eventually/hopefully they’ll be at the wall. Then i try to train them not to push buttons with st. forward and cr. strong/short. THEN I start to throw them from max range. It’s the process that leads into the throw that matters. How you get them to eat the throw is what noobs usually don’t look at and they’re just amazed at the actual throw.

I don’t suppose she has a kara throw for her base throws (not that you would need them as she has crazy range anyways…I guess I answered my own question)?

She has a kara throw, but it isn’t used to extend her range. You can kara her cl.forward which will make an opponents active throw whiff (since cl.forward is considered airborne) and your throw comes out and usually wins. There is a video on youtube made by our very own Renegade that shows this (I think it’s called something like SSFIV Rose Tricks or something like that). In the vid he sets up a perfect tick throw with T.Hawk. When you try normal throw you lose (his command throw comes out in 2 frames), but when he kara throws he beats the command throw using his own throw.

Now THAT was interesting…

It all depends on characters, you can spam spark until they got bored and go into offense since you got reflect too. Here is one of my online match against turtlers : ) .

awesome balrog ! very precise inputs et great teching here. thumbs up :slight_smile: