How do I play as muiltiple characters excluding Shotos? (SSF4:AE)


I can play as all the Shoto characters, and Guile. But I can’t play as other characters just as well. I want to use DeeJay especially, he seems like a great character to use, but he feels different to use.


So, you’re having character loyalty issues?

Learning characters takes time. You have to learn the strengths, weaknesses, what they want to do, etc. Don’t expect to be picking up characters overnight. You want to play Deejay, so go study up on the character.


You invest a LOT more time playing different characters. Want to gain more experience in the game with different characters? Just spend more time playing the hgame.


I’ve found that experience playing against characters helps with your mindset of what you should be doing. I don’t play many Guys, I have no idea what to do with him, but I could pick up Ryu in a heartbeat. Deejay is also similar to Guile, staying midrange with fireballs and pokes. However, you NEED to know how to vortex with him, which is where what everyone else said comes into play. You can play any character decently with enough time spent playing the game, but playing them well take dedication.


I’m very loyal to my character, which that would be Akuma/Gouki. I just think if I learned more characters, I’ll know what’s going through the other person’s mind when using that character against me.


I’d say to go with eltrouble’s advice, and spend more time trying to learn the character you wanna play. You’ll get experience against the other characters this way, which is a lot more reasonable then trying to learn a bunch of different characters.


That’s not entirely necessary. You just need more matchup experience against your problem characters. It’s not necessary how to learn how to play the ENTIRE cast in order to figure that out. Through experience, you’ll come to learn how to deal with different types of players AND characters, and what they’re trying to accomplish in each specific matchup.