How do I play Super Smash Brothers?

I’m playing some people in this tomorrow. They are overly confident and it annoys me. I’ve played this once before for about 10 minutes. Someone teach me the most broken stuff so that I will own everyone. This is for the N64 version.

Thanks SRK

throw 99% of the time

uh just know that link has reach but is slow, samus has weapons but has poor hand to hand combat, Or just use fox and attack straight up but dont dash off the stage.

Use marth and C stick em to death.

He said N64 version:tup:

Oh shit…then choose Kirby. That’s almost an insta win.

peace + down smash and projectile hassling?

Good, I wanted to use him anyway. What do I do with him exactly?

the easiest way to go is pikachu with excessive grabs-- backwards throw specifically. i don’t recommend kirby, as though he’s as broken as pikachu, his throws are weak, and his tactics don’t flow very well. try to gaurd the edge (effective, not fancy). that’s pretty much it.

Look at Falco and his throw combos. And if you can practice, just become a Sheik who can do some snazzy combos.

he asked for help for the original smash bros… not melee.

i agree w/ nico… pika and grab a ton (r button).

if you want to use kirby hit them off the screen then spike them. hit them off with a forward smash or dash attack or down smash, thatll prolly work best. then float out over the edge (with your many jumps) and use your down air attack (down drill insta-spike).

Oh yeah…if you’re doing the N64 version, then pick up either Yoshi (throw them in the air and line up his down+A), Fox (turtle like a bitch using his laser, or Samus (use their smash attack and then use their down+A to spike them).

grab the hammer and chase them

Ness is also a great character, his spike is just retarded in the N64 version, and plus unlike everyone else, Ness has a powerful forward and backward throw. His yoyo smashes are powerful, and his Up tilt attack can juggle quite nicely. I love Ness in the N64.

^ Ness has a hard learning curve.

Use Kirby, use his excellent roll and forward smash. And ABUSE HIS UP TILT!!!

Also try Z-Cancelling, everytime you do an Aerial normal and you’re about to land press Z to nullify the recovery.

This is a basic win.

use Captain Falcon and abuse short jump Knee [his airial forward A]

use fox and short jump, down A, shine [down B] repeat across screen and spike em and also spam lasers. jump lasers and short jump double lasers

use martha and abuse his sword. try to hit with the tip for maximum damage. poke to keem em away…

or play like me and use pikachu and abuse open stages and noobishly spam thunderbolt

overall dont use many B moves. stick to A moves. when they are in the air and you are under jump up and juggle them with UP A. abuse the top tiers and be jolly.

P.S. i only know this stuff cause my friend plays smash competitively and taught me some tricks to beat my brother XD

Read his post people, he doesn’t care about SSBM, only SSB.

If this is SSB N64 version then use Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong’s got huge throw range… the best stamina and excellent recovery abilities.

Also his super-charge up punch is great.

PSH SSB is all about pikachu!


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For that reason alone is enough to hate Smash.