How do I practice footsies and anti-airing?

In training mode, I study the ranges on all my normal’s. But when I get into a match, I completely forget about footsies cause the opponent will be random(I know he’s not suppose to be predictable). How do you guys work on your footsie and anti-airs?

It just feels like my fundamentals are still lacking but my execution is pretty decent. I use Yang by the way.

You might find The Footsie Handbook useful -

As for anti-airs, set the training dummy to ‘record’, record different jump-ins with different characters (e.g. Ryu’s jumping roundhouse) and practice anti-airing it (I’m not sure what Yang’s AAs are I don’t play him much, maybe st. fierce, st. roundhouse and light roll kick?).

2000 matches. its the only road to understanding footsies.
a slow target is an easy target. a dancing target is much harder to plan towards. which is what makes great makotos and Eryus tuff.

As with anything, start out small. Instead of trying to learn and put to use all of your normals at the same time, pick out a few key choice normals to put to use during live matches, like Ryu’s low forward and low fierce. Though your opponent will recognize the easy pattern it helps YOU learn your ranges and precisely when to throw out those attacks when you focus on just two normals at a time as opposed to 6+. :slight_smile:

Copy and paste from the Ken Thread on how I practice footsies in training mode. You can just replace Ken with Yang and I guess it should help. No where as good as Maj’s articles but it’s something.


If you allow your opponent to wake up freely whenever you get a knockdown it’ll give you more opportunity to practice footsies.