How do I press two keys at the same time to throw my opponent in Emulated Fighting Games?

Hello there, I am just starting out and I am trying to wrap my head around the frames. I was playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (Or rather it’s japanese version “Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper”) when I tried to press two keys at the same time.

Normally two buttons pressed at the same time (Two Punch or Two Kicks) will do a throw but the keys on keyboards input differently. I tried to press two keys at once but it keeps doing a regular attack nine times out of ten.

Would the exception to the macros be possible to allow two buttons be configured to a single key for punches and kicks respectively? I am kinda new to the idea of fighting without a pad so it’s something that bears asking.

Have you tried buffering your inputs?

Actually, I am trying to learn buffering. How do I do that? I also tried setting the input options to Easy and Long input time.

I even mapped macros to specific two and three button at once to make it simpler. (Config is something like ASD for Punches, ZXC for kicks, FV for Three Punches and Three Kicks respectively, Q to Two Punch Button Throws, W for Two Kick Button Throws, E to activate V-Ism combos…)

I will keep this thread open for responses and ideas.

Just checked and Alpha 3 doesn’t let you buffer buttons anyways. But to buffer a button in three easy steps:

  1. Press a button
  2. Do not release said button. Keep it held down
  3. Press a second button.

Buffering like this is really only used in Tekken from what I know because simultaneously pressing buttons can be really tough and is required a lot.

Buffering specials in street fighter or 2d fighters: a normal
2.during that animation, input the special you wanna do
3. Special comes out, 2 hit combo, or block string.
You can only buffer specials on hit