How do I prevent blisters from D-Pads?

I got into fighting games a couple of months ago and played some 3s on PS2. After playing long enough, I would get a huge blister on my thumb the next morning – so I’d have to take a break until it faded a bit – but it always comes back (I remember this same thing happening when I was trying to play SF when I was like 7).

I play SF4 on the 360 a lot now, and I really got use to the analog stick ( i don’t get any incorrect inputs as a Chun player). Obviously, the analog doesn’t bother my thumb at all.

However, I’m going back to college soon and I can’t take my family’s 360 – so I was going to get a PS3 when the price dropped and pick up BlazBlue – but I really don’t want to deal with blisters again :sad:

I know the ultimate solution is to buy an aracade stick, but I really don’t have the funds right now – perhaps it would make a good christmas gift =p

am i just using the D-pad incorrectly? I rub it pretty fast when doing an input for an ultra or something – but you kind of need to do that…

any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.

put your shirt over your thumb. thats one way, the other way is use analog.

if you have baby oil apply a drop on the section of your shirt your going to use for your thumb. this prevents blisters 100% and ups input speeds on dpad.

If your stingy put a bandaid over your thumb and learn to play that way.

Or learn to use analog for PS3. its shitty but its better then blisters.

If you can’t get a stick… Try another pad with a better d-pad.

No, don’t even bother. You’re going to get blisters. You just need to play until your thumb is all gross and calloused.

Seriously. My thumb is nasty.

You can use a coin or something circular and tape it to the dpad. I heard some people have found it as a slight improvement. Could at least give it a shot.

Thanks for the tips guys, they sound like they may work.

become a cyborg

That’s your solution to everything!

Been a long time since I’ve played on a controller, but I never got blisters when I did. Try rolling your thumb instead of spamming the end of your thumb around when doing motions. Also, don’t spam motions if you do…

Don’t apply so much force to the dpad or your thumbs need to man up. I’ve never gotten a blister from playing on a pad.

thumb in center of d-pad
lean thumb in desired directions

why people insist on rubbing and sliding their thumb all over the d-pad, I dunno

buy a stick

What technique do you use that results in blisters? I’ve been playing on a pad for years and don’t recall ever getting blisters.

edit: Nevermind, I guess this post answers it.

I was going to say, I’ve never had a problem with blisters, but then again I’ve played guitar for like 5 years :looney:

When I was a kid (around 7 like you), I used to get blisters on my thumb all the time from mashing on a d-pad, which is why I never got into fighters. Years later when I got into Street Fighter, I absolutely refused to play on a pad because I didn’t want to get blisters. I decided to play the ergonomic way and dropped as much money as it took to play the way it was meant to be played. I’m glad I did that and never looked back.

Yeah, as you said, the ultimate long-term solution would be to buy a stick. Since you have both an XBox 360 and a PS3, you should get it dual modded if you got one. But BlazBlue is not as intensive as Street Fighter in terms of directional motions, so it shouldn’t be as bad. I played BlazBlue on a PS3 pad the other day and I found that I could still manage a short 6C loop with Noel.

I just ignored it, kept playing 3s pad. Now it kinda works as a immunity, I still get them. Though it doesent look or hurt as bad.

Buy a stick, and if you say you cant afford one then get a new hobby.

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I didn’t stop getting them until I got a stick.

don’t press the buttons so hard. Pressing them harder doesn’t make the move better of faster lol.