How do I pull off Any Street Fighter II Zangief and Thunder Hawk Throws?

Listen, I am a complete Idiot when it comes to tactics. I should be using more throws and I want to be competent with every character. That means I will want to pull off the various moves with a Directional Pad. I want to do the Complete 360s, 720s, and (If such a thing exists in SFII) 1080s to pull off the various moves that the grapplers can pull off.

Since I am trying to be competent, how do I pull off the complete Rotations and where in the rotations should I press the Punch/Kick button so that I won’t jump and screw up the maneuvers? And yes, I know that SF4 simplified the input but simplified commands in that game are for Pantywaists! I want to spinning pile drive my rivals like a real man.

My recommendation is that you press the button right as you’re hitting up on your 360 so you won’t jump. That’s what usually works for me, but it’s hard to explain it with just words. 360 moves on D-Pad can be pretty annoying to pull off.

Padrosexuals are not real men, that’s your first problem.

Start by going to the wiki, the wiki is love, the wiki is life. SRK has gone downhill, but the ST wiki is still a bastion of REALLY USEFUL INFORMATION.

Most 360s and 720s are diguised behing other moves.

Copy and paste those full lines into your browser to be taken to the SPD tactics sections. When you’re ready to graduate to Sako ticks, see the O. Thawk thread.