How do i punish t hawks dive attacks?

im having alot of problems against t hawk players
mash lp yh you name it, i go against the lame ones.
when using ibuki/akuma what is the best way to punish these dives after i block them ?

thanks in advance to anyone who replies :slight_smile:

I haven’t played Ibuki since Super, and I don’t play Akuma at all.

With Makoto and Guy, however, you can punish a blocked hawk dive with a lot of things. Keep it simple with a hayate or do a full on punish with dash up karakusa combo. With Guy, it’s either a shoulder, dash up bushin chain, or something else.

With Ibuki, I imagine a quick neckbreaker would do the trick against a blocked hawk dive. Also, her back mp with a follow up combo works well on reaction. With Akuma, you can probably just shoryuken on reaction. I don’t know much about the two against T Hawk though, so perhaps I’m wrong.

depending on range w/ akuma I imagine you can do st. rh x etc.
t-hawks dive (non-ex) is so punishable that you should be able to come up w/ something in training mode.

thanks guys, what about ibuki ? :slight_smile:

Ibuki: Slide…Ultra (probolly)
Akuma- Forward roundhouse…ultra 2 fireballs…etc

Id usually say go into training mode and figure it out but…meh

You should go in training mode, record a Condor Dive with Hawk, and find by yourself, it’s the best for learn. :wink:

Jumping dive is easy to counter, just use crouching heavy punch is what I do often or just counter on block. T Hawks ground dash attack is safe on block however but is focus able but often I just use a poke before he reaches me to interrupt him. That or I just chuck a projectile, use a high priority move or try to cross up on him when he dashes towards me.

Ibuki’s Ultra II should still be an easy punish in AE. Sliding neckbreaker is good, too. I play a lot with my Ibuki-maining friend. I feel the pain…not much, actually. He always uses U1, and he gets bored of neckbreaker.