How do I punish vegas backdash?



I really need some help with this, I keep playing someone who mashes backdash when i get a knockdown or do a blockstring, i dont know what to do against it, could someone plz tell me thanks.


uhh i dont have much vega experience but if you have a strong read that hes going to back dash on wakeup then throw out machinegun blow tag for a solid punish


do a j.HK on their wake up so that it hits them of backdashes and forces blocking.
if they backdashground bounce.

as for blockstrings use the target combo f.LP MP more.
if f.LP hits airborne it’s a juggle. confirm the juggle into the jet upper bnb
f.LP MP xx LK duck c.MP xx ?
or f.LP MP xx LP Jet Upper > LK/MK duck upper

if they’re just backdashing like a mad man learn how to pressure with stagger s.LP combined with f.LP MP and s.LP MP vega cant break your pressure with anything but backdash.

you j.HK during your strings once you get them to block.

good luck.

also visit my thread SFx Tut and watch the uh… non character combo videos in case you need better bnbs. the vids can give you some new ideas


Ok i will try this because its driving me crazy, i have in training mode a constantly backdashing vega on wakeup and its been hard to consistently punish after a meaty jab, also I was wondering does he just get a free escape after a blocked crouching medium, because ever time he blocks one he back dashes and avoids pressure. So safe jumps and the target combo, Ill try this with steve as well due to him being dudleys partner.


It’s not a safe jump, its a “hold still” jump.
It’s safe against vega he cant wake up cross art/super/anything and his actual backflip move is a free 450+ damage meterless punish (s.MK>HK>HP, s.HP xx launcher > steve post tag bnb into launcher) if you punish it.

Post after you try it too not before. I want to hear success


At times I have been able to get the 2hit fierce DP off afte midscreen max damage is that less still then the MP?


Wrong thread, but if you get both hits of fierce DP, it does the same damage as strong DP.