How do I punish?

I’ve been playing for a while with friends, and there’s something I’ve noticed about our matches. We’re always getting away with stupid crap that we should not be, like badly whiffed hp srks, super telegraphed throws, (by which I mean [out of range] throw attempt, throw attempt, walk forward, throw) random tatsumakis, super obvious shun goku satsus from half the screen, spamming machine gun blow, jump in gigas when we know that’s the only way he can land it (as in he cannot cancel/dash in). So basically, we suck. What are the general methods for punishing blocked/whiffed moves?
In addition to general strategy, any specifics for Ken, Akuma, Yang, Ibuki, or Remy would be much appreciated.

you should just watch your opposition, any sort of block HP/HK move can be followed up easily by a straight super. Or ex moves, such as EX SRK, then if you have no meter you could easily just HP SRK, or LP kara SRK, etc etc
watch your opponent, if youre doing crazy stuff you will miss punishing, just go back forward, wait for him, build your meter now and then at safe distance.
your friend will learn by losing and watching what you do, unless both of you just sit in opposite corners :S

basically, what he said… except, I don’t think every hp/hk is punishable by super.

but yeah, just play a lil defense, watch his patterns, then kill him for them.


  • (high damage, no super) MP HP xx jab DP, kara jab DP
  • (long range, no super) c.MK xx jab DP, kara jab DP
  • (high stun, no super) HP xx fierce DP
  • (super) HP xx strong DP xx SA3
  • (long range, super) c.MK xx strong DP xx SA3

those are the biggest damage-dealers for Ken iirc.

learn the biggest combo you can for that character then do it… and that’s pretty much it.