How do I put a DVD with subtitles on my ipod?

I have been trying to do this for days, I can get the movie on there but I can’t get the subtitles in the movie. Does anyone know how?

What program are you using?

If you use DVDFab you can just select the “sub picture” for which ever language you want before you compress it down.

I using a combo of everything. These site tell me to rip with this program, get subs with this program but they don’t tell me how to put them together.

It looks like you have to pay for DVDFab. I’m trying to do this with freeware.

Is this a DVD rip you are trying to deal with? or a downloaded movie your trying to add subs to?

Also if you don’t own the movie, your doing something illegal, so just go steal DVDFab off a torrent site, its pretty much the best DVD burning program I have ever used and is definitely worth the $50, I would never go back to something like Nero or DVD Shrink for this type of stuff.

Its a DVD I own. So I guess I’m trying to rip it with the subs. Anime with subs goes on my ipod just fine, subs and all, but that’s because the subs are burned into each frame right? I just need to do that with the movie.