How do i put artwork into my buttons?


Does anyone know how i can put artwork into my buttons? Does this work on Sanwa buttons?


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just wanted to up this thread because i myself can’t seem to find the tutorial for putting art work on sanwa buttons. they’re far differ from seimetsu ones. please help


How is it different? Both use 2 small tabs to hold the button assembly together. And the tutorial to do that, would be in the link posted by Darksakul.

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Clear sanwa buttons have a cap that has to be pried off with something sharp like a small thin screwdriver, then the pluneger comes apart into 3 pieces.


Considering how easy it was to put artwork into my 24mm Seimitsu smoke grey buttons WITHOUT using a mini-screw driver, I have to wonder what Sanwa’s thinking was on designing its skull buttons this way!

Oh well… When I have the cash, I’ll probably try some of the Sanwa buttons. I am a bit more inclined to go the Seimitsu route for some projects because of the availability issues on the Sanwa 24mm transparent buttons. The fact that the plug-in Seimitsu skull buttons are cross-compatible with the SW-68 switches makes those an easier buy in some cases…