How do I put games in practice mode using nFB?

say I want to pracice combos on street fighter alpha 3, how would I modify the game so that I can have like infinitelife/time so I can practice combos?

Cheats or state loading/saving. States work better if characters dizzy, imo, and you can do it with hotkeys.

I do believe Rhythmic compiled all the cheats (in a subdirectory) into his rar of nfba:


I dont exactly understand what he meant? can someone go in depth? I want to put the game into practice mode

When using cheats, bring in the second player, put on unlimited health and time. If you’re doing things that require meter, give yourself unlimited meter. That’s the base closest you can get to a console-like practice mode. What game(s) in particular did you wanna try?

For states, just save (f10) when you get your characters positioned right then f9 to load it back. This is good to see how much damage something did, how much meter something built.

You can also simulate blocking, but you’d need to write a macro. I know Kawaks can do it but not sure if nFBA can do something like “hold left for X amount of time” (the macro can’t tell sides were switched). It can’t go from high to low either like real auto-guard.

sorry for the hassle. how would I enable cheats? I put the XmvSF files in the savestates folder. then where should I go from there
oh and the game Im using is xmen vs street fighter

There should be a /cheats subdir, all the .ini’s in the /cheats folder from the rar should go there. If it doesn’t exist, just drag the folder itself to the nfba folder. In game, it’s under “Misc > enable cheats”.

In XvSF, you can turn off dizzying under “Faint Damage - No Faint”.

:lol: this is mad confusing. ok I have the cheats folder in my nfba folder but when I load the game and play it I cant click on the enable cheats option its grey :stuck_out_tongue:

In the nfba folder or in a folder called /cheats inside the nfba folder? They gotta be in a dir called /cheats.

Also, I’m not sure if all the “clones” are covered in those cheats. Let’s say you wanna do XvSF, make sure you use the “parent” rom, which is Euro. It’ll say “ROM name - xmvsf”.

Aight dude, just click on the link ( ) , a new window will pop up click on save and then go to NFBA folder, and inside that folder should be another one called cheats, save the cheats that you are downloading into that folder and thats it.
then load the game MvS and then in the NFBA menu (game, video,audio,MISC, and Help) press the MISC tab, (make sure you load the game first, if you dont do it, the cheat option would be grey ) and then click on the enable cheat options, and there anable all the cheats the you need like inf. supers, inf. time, inf. p2 health, etc. and there you go. hope it helps.

yo this isnt working at all. I put the cheat files in the cheat folder when I select enable cheats when the game is running its still grey so I press ctrl+F1 and I get this shouldt the cheat files show up on this list?

something like this should come up

if not, then you are doing something reaaaaaly wrong.

really? I dont know what else it is. is it possible you could just send me your whole nFBA folder? :lol: that would probably work

I think the version you’re playing doesn’t have an ini file in that package.

Make a copy of xmvsfu.ini in the /cheats dir and rename it to xmvsfr1.ini. That should do it.

got it! yes! :woot: thank you very much.

Is there a way to do this with third strike?

I use MAME for 3rd strike. The cheat file contain the necessary cheat except infinite meter, which I added thanks to someone else.

Its quite nice in MAME, you can just activate all cheat (no stun, infinite health, infinite super, infinite time) for both players. Then you press T to turn cheat off. Do what you want. And just tap T twice to refill both player’s meter, health AND stun bar.

Its even better than training mode, IMO, minus some option.

Where would I find such a cheat file?

Found it on Mame’s site, but forgot where. The instructions are in the .zip file.

So is there any one for nfba for 3S?

I really need to work on my links and hit confirms…

Thanks in advance.