How do I re-flatten a warped Mad Catz top metal panel for a SFxT Pro?


A very salty person smashed with his fist, the top part of my stick. The result of this persons saltiness created a dip in the middle of my stick right where the buttons are at and now the button section looks a bit sunk because he warped the metal plate, it’s bugging me alot.

Does anyone know they best way to flatten the metal top plate?

Maybe someone can recommend a metal shop that will take care of this for me? I live in Orange County, CA. (Westminster)


You may need to put it in between two flat surfaces with sufficient weight on top to flatten it out. Then you should leave it there for a few hours and check it. Might help if you posted a pic of the damage.


It’ll be tough, mainly because it’s not just a simple piece of metal. The joystick mount brackets will get in the way of your efforts to re-flatten it.
I say screw trying to repair the metal panel; get a replacement top (and maybe artwork and plexi as well) from Art at Tek-Innovations, and send the bill to said very salty person.


Hammer and dolly?


If someone bends my stick panel, I bend their face.


I had a client come to me with a SFxT Fightstick Pro that he wanted the PCB replaced with a PS360+.

I took a picture of the panel before giving it back:

The metal ruler is touching the surface only on both corners, and nothing else.
I did the mod he wanted; then told him that he needed a panel replacement, and referred him to Art/Tek-Innovations.


Thanks for your advice guys.

The warping of the stick is at about the same level as the one gumdam posted, it would be worse if it wasnt for the welded joystick plate that gives the plate additional support.

Anyhow, I checked Arts website and it doesnt look like he sells the metal plates, just plexi, if i get a plexi im sure the metal plate will just pull it down and it will still look as bad… I also messaged B-Boy from AMP customs. Gonna post in the trading outlet soon as well looking for a plate or maybe just sell the parts of the fightstick and get another one.


Markman, if you read this;

I understand that my and gundams’ customers’ issue above is not Mad Catz’ fault but maybe you can put one or two screws on the middle of future fightsticks to minimize the damage salty players do onto their sticks?

Maybe you can add a label onto the box the stick will come in -

“Pringles proof”


Actually, I was referring to getting an entire top panel replacement, not just an artwork plexi.
So you’d remove and not use your existing metal place, and use the replacement plexi from Art.

Crud, I just checked Tek-Innovations; he doesn’t seem like offers replacement panels for Fightstick Pros. Just TEs and HRAPs.
Sorry, my bad.


Do what I said in my other post. All you need to do is place the plate face down on something hard and flat, place phone books on top of the panel and carve out the space where the joystick mounting area is. Smack the really bent part with a hammer (preferably dead blow) through the phone book layer. Then set some thing heavy on top for good measure.


I tried hammering it down and placing heavy objects on it but as someone mentioned, its hard to het this flattened due to joystick attachment getting in the way =[


Unless you are a professional panel beater it’s going to be very difficult to get it straightened out. Not only has the panel bent is had also stretched in the middle so trying to return it is not an easy job. Sometimes hammering can make the panel more distorted which I’m sure you don’t want to do.

I believe there is someone in the trading outlet who is making/selling metal panels.


Exactly B15,

I realized that if I kept trying to fix the plate, the dip would eventually turn either into a lump or it would become very wobbly due to the fact that the damage occurred in the middle.

Gonna keep looking for a panel replacement.


This store is in europe but they do metal plates.


I’ll check out that website. Thanks Bojador.


Check this thread: AMP Up Customs: Now taking orders. TE2, MCZ SE, FS Pro, and Hori FE


I PM’d BBoy a few days ago, he does good work from what I saw on his post. I think hes busy doing other things right now since he hasnt replied to a message i sent him a few days ago though.


You may be able to persuade Jasen of Jasen’s Customs to do a custom panel for you.


Yeah, seems like he’s always down for some custom work. It would be pretty tough to seriously damage the 14 gauge steel he uses too.


Are you making this salty person pay for your replacement?

…Or was it just you that beat the panel it?