How do I reduce the imput lag on my HDTV?


I got a nice HDTV for my birthday from my parents about a year ago, after getting good at fighting games and playing GGPO third strike for a while on my pretty much lag-less PC monitor. When I played ssf4 again on my ps3 I realized how laggy my TV was. I realize that my parents got a T.V I would later regret having since I can’t stand the lag, it’s just so annoying. With MVC3 I really hope tv lag isn’t as much as an issue as it is in SF.

Is there any way I can reduce the lag on my HDTV?


use vga, it bypasses post processing sometimes
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You should try find a “game mode” or something similar in the settings. Also, turn off any image enhancement settings like “digital noise reduction” or the like. Basically, you get the plainest picture with the least input lag when the TV does less work to make the picture pretty.

Also, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth bro. How many people can say that their parents bought them an HDTV?


Some HDMI inputs are labelled as HDMI/PC inputs and have less processing active on them. See if your tele has one of these labelled as such and if possible manually change the HDMI input named to “PC” .

Most teles have a GAME mode that can be enabled, but ensure you have all kinds of “Movie Plus” and “100hz” settings off, anything that adds artificial image processing basically.

Futhermore than this, using the specific HDMI-PC channel if there’s one available can go one step further and disable “sharpness” options that sometimes GAME mode settings do not disable. Again knocking input lag down.

Some teles, not all, have very responsive VGA inputs. However for a PS3 with HDCP (copy protection), this might require you to use something like a HDFURY device which would retail around £70 here, this all depends on your setup though. I don’t know if 360 has protection or not.

One final thing, occassionally there are engineer assisted or manual firmware updates to TV that you can get your service centre to arrange or do yourself depending on the model.

Hope it’s a help.


What connector you connecting your PS3 to your HDTV?

Are you are using an Analog format?
Compositecables (yellow for video, red and white for audio)
Component cables (a red blue and green connector just for video, separating Luma and chroma in the video signal)
S-Video (luma and chroma are separated into their own lines but both share the same cable and connector)
VGA (15 Pin DB connector common with PC use)
SCART(video connector that separates the video into its base primary colors of Red, Blue and Green)

Since most HDTV sets naively only do digital inputs, an analog input would first have to be changed to a digital one before it can be displayed (not to be confused with analog passthough for over the air Television reception). Sometimes VGA is the exception to this.

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How am I supposed to know for sure if VGA bypasses it? Also there is no price, and I tried looking for it on ebay and I don’t see it.


I am using an HDMI cable now


There is no game mode.