How do i remove movelist glass on hss-0130?

seems like i need to pull on it, but it wont budge

If it’s like an actual astro city panel, it’s screwed down by nuts underneath.

there are no screws exposed on the inside. i dont think you can :frowning: this sucks

Its plastic welded on it seems. i wanted to do the same but once its off getting back on will not be ez.

With this I taking it as its best not to screw with things you don’t have to mess with.

yuuup. stopped messing with mine. Almost done, need treat it with retrobright and get a few coats of clear gloss.

it’s hard to clean underneath, makes it difficult to paint and maybe i want to replace the plexi sometimes down road.

You have to pry off the chrome end covers and there are screws underneath them, you can see the screw heads if you look at the back of the perspex.

although you risk scratching it trying to get the metal covers off.

And there is also the wisdom that somethings are best not messed with. As the general consensus is you more likely to scratch or break the plexy before you removed it. You don’t have to like the idea you shouldn’t fuck with the plexy but don’t get mad when we tell you its a bad idea. Wait you want to paint too, WTF? Don’t paint it, you never be happy with the results.

One thing people always forget the Sega HSS-0130 is not the Astro City control panel Assembly, although they both take the same metal top panels the rest of the case on the 2 sticks are fundamentally different. Want to clean under the plexy, I suggest compressed air.

smfh really tired of reading your posts everywhere

N10248 is right. I used a combination of hot water and thread to pry/remove my metal finishing pieces without bending them or gouging my plexi, so I could do a proper repaint.

Eventually I caused my plexi to spider crack, when I removed an adhesive I put on it with OOPS. Now I gotta get some more plexi cut and countersunk, because the cracking is to deep to buff out. No biggie.

so just regular sewing thread? what did you wrap that around? i remember reading your other thread a while back where you got some actual glass cut at lowe’s i think. got the measurements? thanks for the help anyways

No one said you have to read them. Don’t like what I say, who cares. You do your thing and I will do mine.

The glass I had cut at Lowes was for my ex Blast City arcade stick, not this one.

The thread was woven, very strong.

I dont understand some people, they came here for advices and when they get them just act like spoiled children and poorly educated! and BTW there are some arcade sticks that should always be original stock!(Sega HSS-130, VSHG, Namco etc…), just dont mess with that sticks!

not when you bought it for 95 bucks and the thing looks like crap.

i’m appreciative of good info like notanoob and N1 are giving.

I’m not appreciative of people who always feel they need to chime in on every thread and bark at people for attempting to take on a project.

No biggie when you have 2-4 more of each.

how hypocritical

4 HSS-0130?:wow: you lucky bastard! I´m digging for one of them but the chances to get one here in Europe are too low!

I’ve only 2 more HSS-0130’s. 3-4 of the others you listed.

The HSS in this thread was yellowing, so what I attempted with that HSS, was more of a restoration, not really a mod (everything can be returned to stock). I like to keep my stuff relatively stock looking. I’ll update my pics in the future when I complete it.