How do I remove quick disconnects from buttons?

As I type this, I’m in the process of trying to remove quick disconnects from the default buttons in my HRAP 3? How on Earth am I supposed to remove these things? I’ve been using a flathead screw driver to try and push them up off the buttons, but, I’ve only been able to move them about two milimeters.

Is there some sort of secret to it?

Just pull on it. For the really tough ones you can stick a small flathead between the QD and the bottom of the button and twist it a little.

needle nose pliers.

I just pull them out.
Use pliers if screwdriver not working for you.

quickly disconnect them.

Pliers, patience. The first time I removed my SE’s QDs they were EXTREMELY tight and I nearly shot them into my face. Nowadays they’re so loose I can take them off with my fingers.

Elbow grease.

The secret is there’s a small tab at the end of the QD that fits into the hole on the button contact. That’s where it’s stopping. Stick with the screwdriver and just pry a bit harder. Don’t worry about prying to hard. I don’t like pliers, myself, just because on the tougher ones, it can jerk out and you can damage the wire.

flat head screw driver and pliers

My secret with the needle nose is not to grab with the pliers and pull with my arms. I put the pliers on there sideways so that they clamp down on the part of the connector between the wire crimp and the metal crimp that slides over the quick connect tab.

From that position I hold the pliers on each side with my fingers and push up with my thumbs on the button. So I get tons of exact force on the connector only and the maximum amount of distance I can move is how far I push with my thumbs so I cant do any damage.

Probably hard to visualize that in words but a video or some pictures would make it clear. Works really well, even the hardest connector comes off with ease and without any destructive side effects.

this man is brilliant!

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