How do I Roger(Well, Alex really, but still)


I’m hyped up for TTTT and I really want to use Alex, a character I used when I was younger because I thought he was cool.

I thought the same about Roger and Kuma also, I learned Kuma to some extent and I really like using him but I could not for the life of me wrap my head around how to use Roger(Jr.) correctly.

I haven’t played T6 in months and i’m in need of some tips so I can learn how to use/be better with Alex/Roger.

I kind of want to get multiple peoples opinions as well.

Basic stuff would be good.

#2 will probably be more helpful to you than this forum off in the corner of SRK.




oh ill will help you out. is the best place to learn tekken by a billionfold. never the less i will give you the basic info to research and up your roger play. i dont play him myself but this info will carry over to anyone you want to learn.

always start by compiling a top ten move list… most threads have this… your going to have to average it out and make sure people are talking about why they find the move useful. make sure there is at least one of these moves.

  1. homing moves (indicated by a white trail or streak on the animation) to shut down sidesteps
    (universal are better moves that track left and right sidesteps vs. one side only)

  2. bound moves that will allow you to extend your combos to maximize your damage output. as well they carry your opponent further to the wall for combos

  3. a fast safe launcher preferably a mid over a high.

as time marches on you can add another 10 moves, but for now keep it simple.

after you feel good about your moves you can move on to bnb combos… don’t waste your time with anything below 60 damage… (180 is the life bar)

Im not sure where your tekken knowledge level rest but the “level up your game” channel on youtube does a great job at teaching the basics to intermediate play.

if your picking this up on the PSN: UndeadEwok, if you want to learn more.


Already know all/most that stuff and seen those vids, I haven’t put most of it into practice yet or in a long time, but I know about them.

The other poster told me about zaibatsu(or whatever) so I checked it out already.

Thanks anyways.