How do I send and view messages on pc


I’m on pc. I’m playing with a PS4 controller. When I press the home button nothing happens. I have no clue how to view messages and send them.

This is a SFV question.


The game sucks, so you don’t!
They didn’t think about communication in a multiplayer game.
Sad but true.


You don’t.

Unless you have that specific PC player already in your steam friendlist, there is no way to communicate with other PC or PS4 players.
This is SFV biggest flaw regarding ingame communication and why the game feels like a wasteland when it comes to social interaction.


Geez, that’s a real bummer.


Its like that because in SF4, people called 10 year old all kinds of faggots and bitches because they lost to them. So they took out the voice-chat feature at the behest of many parents and players who were tired of that shit. I like it this way. I don’t wanna hear your mouth after I beat you.


Don’t play it. It sucks


Stop playing on PC. The real community exist in person and almost all local events are consoles, and if you play other PS4 people you will have a better chance to connect with local players


Such an entitled fucking statement, the “real community exists in person…”, get on with the times. The people that that play these games are 99% online, so the “real” community is that 1% that plays offline and goes to local events? Is it the best and most fun way to play, yes, but lets not delude ourselves into thinking they are the only people that matter. The core players are mostly online.


Skullgirls has no chat and no one seems to complain.


skullgirls has steam integration in its menus tho


Not much better imo, but I guess it’s something.