How do i set my PSX stick to Dreamcast

i just got the converter but can’t seem to figure out how the hell i set the stick buttons to the dreamcast button config, the only buttons it will read are lk and mk, and i think start, rest wont see me to respond?

the converter i have is the ‘total control’

Isn’t there a small switch on the side of the converter? If so try with the diffrent “settings” of the switch.

i have it on the controller setting, ill try the driving wheel

still messed up, only now HP is LK, LP is jumping up, LK is crouch and HK is actually HK,

seems to work now, only problem is Assit - B is like a dead button -_- hmmm

I’m assuming you mean you’re trying a Total Control–not a Total Control Plus–with a PlayStation stick on MVC2.

As already mentioned, the Total Control may or may not have a switch on the side.

The Total Control series of adapters uses the following mapping for PS pad to DC conversion:

Start = Start -> Start :rofl:
LP = X -> square
LK = A -> x
HP = Y -> triangle
HK = B -> circle
A1 = L -> L1 or L2 (probably only one and not both)
A2 = R -> R1 or R2 (probably only one and not both)

This is quite typical of PS to DC adapters.

However, nearly every PlayStation stick use this config for their six-button layout…

As a result, if you’re using a DC pad adapter with a normal PS stick on DC Marvel, one of your assist buttons will give the wrong assist, and the other will simply not work at all.

If the Total Control does have a switch on the side, as others have suggested, try it. The Total Control Plus has three settings: pad, steering wheel, and arcade stick. Check to see if your Total Control has the same. I don’t know if it does. Setting it to stick will correct the mapping to this:
A1 = L -> R1
A2 = R -> R2

If it doesn’t have the switch (or the setting on it) that you need, your best bet is to buy a Total Control Plus, or swap around the wiring for your stick’s buttons.

How about the lag on those converters? Im about to buy one of them and was wondering that…

THANK YOU!, ill try this out in a sec

Yeah i got mine off play asia, as for lag i’m pretty sure it’s non-existant to my awareness, (if by lag you mean pressing the button and time it takes to show up on the screen). I don’t know if the TV matters i have a old Sony joint so no complaints at all, although only problem i have had so far is my assist B button seems weird, but im gonna mess with it in a bit and see if i can get it to work.

Hmm… I usually test if there’s lag by seeing if how consistently I can keep doing HCB/HCF 2x or Geese’s Raising Storm correctly. So far the only adapter I feel is nice is Pelican’s… Pelican PS2 to PS3 adapter, which also works as a PS2 to USB (PC) adapter.

This thread lists all the converters as well as the pros and cons

The total control plus is the one to buy and has no lag. I just ordered one from play asia.