How do I set-up a match with a friend?

Hi there,

Have been playing SF since the SF2 days… i hadnt bought a new console since the ps1/ JP saturn - as soon as SFIV came out that changed, obviously.

However I’m really new to all this online play stuff and can’t figure out how to play online against a friend of mine - ie - i know his PS3 ID and he has mine but i can’t figure how to set up a fight against eachother! I have been playing arcade mode with challengers enabled and its been pretty fun, just want to play my actual friends now!

Sorry if this is a bit of a basic question, i have looked quite hard and can’t find a solution. many thanks.:tup:

go to network game

select player match

select create match

set your match as you like (rounds, etc)


select send game invite

select choose from list if they are on your friend list, or enter online id if they are not

excellent, thanks!