How do i set-up Xbox Guide button on PS360+?


i’m currently modding my MDCTZ TE2 Arcade Stick. This is my first mod and i want to connect my Guide button however i do not know which cable to cut. Which cable do i cut to install my xbx guide button to my ps360+? Also what does the JST expansion harnesses do?


JST - They’re for hooking up leds and alternative rj45 connectivity


Easier solution would be to use start +select as home, which the PS360 supports.


I’m new to the site, but I was just curious, is there any kind of tutorial on dual modding the TE2 with the PS360+? I haven’t been able to find anything specific about the PS360+ and the TE2. I’ve seen pics of Markman’s TE2 with a PS360+, but I wasn’t sure if it gets wired up differently because of the quick disconnect/ribbon cable on the existing PCB on the TE2?



Wait. Is the original thread supposed to be referring to the Round 2 and not TE2?


Yeah, my bad there, was thinking of the round 2. You can’t dual mod the x bone TE2, it’s not common ground.


Did the advanced install video ever come out? I wouldn’t mind hooking up the guide button on my ps360+. Kinda bugs me seeing the guide button that does nothing and I really don’t feel like ordering new plexi or printing art to cover it.


I’ve seen images of Markman’s TE2, that looks like he installed a PS360+ in it:

it’s around the 7 min mark. You can clearly see the RJ-45 jack, sticking out from the plastic cover on the PCB.


Without taking the time to watch that video, it is possible to install one- the problem is if you want to keep x bone support. Technically, I’d imagine it’s possible, but only on an advanced level.

Your best bet at this point would be to padhack an xbone controller and dual mod it with the ps360+.


Those were gutted by Gummo and PS360+'s were put in, they have no XBox One support in them.

If you want to dual mod the TE2, the only way to do it from stock is with my TE2 Crossbone when it’s released, otherwise you need to gut the thing and padhack an xbox one controller + PS360+ to get the same effect since the TE2 PCB isn’t common ground.


Forgot about that product- I’d wait on that if I owned a TE2.