How Do I setup Psy's Rejump Inf?

Yeah the sentinel i got down. I wanna learn the rejump one. But How do I set it up? What assist or like what do i do?

  • Justin

im curious too

If I’m thinking of the same thing, you can just hit up and RH and after that jump again and continue with a combo.

Do you mean the in-corner 1. Launch then lk,mp, butterfly,lk,mp butterfly and repeat, when you get near the ground launch with c-hp again. You may need to vary the weak/medium attcks in the air to consistently do this also character dependent.

hes talking about mid-screen and the answer is in this same forum, check the threads from the begging the answer is right there i remember looking at it a few times. It has something to do with doing the regular infinite on sent and then ending with an U+HK and then proceed with the re-jump. the more accurate and detailed answer is in the other threads.

how do you know thats what he’s talkin about? both infinites require re-jumping and he said he already got the sentinel one down so i think he was referring to the infinite metrock is talking about.

all you need to do is what metrock said, and make sure the opponent stays at almost the exact height even with you. when you get closer to the ground i usually do a lp, mp / launch… or was it lp, lk. eh whatever. i got the infinite down when i first practiced it, but its pretty difficult to do so i gave up on trying to do it in a match ahaha