How do I start from scratch?


Hello all,

I am 100% new to fighting games. How should I be practicing to improve? I’ve gone online and been beaten so badly that I don’t even understand why I am losing.

I practice execution every day, but I don’t really understand how to apply what I practice into real matches.


Inevitably, any new player is going to get their shit pushed in many many times. Knowledge is going to cut down on that heavily. For myself, the more I watched high level play, the more I learned about the mechanics of the game, and just generic fighting game concepts, the better I got.

A lot of starting out is just building up those basic fundamentals. It might be beneficial to upload a match or two of yours so we can help diagnose your play. Otherwise, I suggest looking at some basic guides. YouTube is a pretty great source. You’ll find guides and plenty of high level play.


stop mashing


Something I’ve found helpful since really getting into fighting games was to spend time (tedious but helpful) doing the same thing until you hit a target of maybe 20 in a row or something, then move on.



One thing that helped me in the start was having a few friends where you can practice with. Also try putting together strings that you can place in any situations, also simply wait for your opportunity to strike then punish them for their mistake.


Watch your replays on CFN (if on SFV).

Take note of where you are taking most damage.

  1. Are you getting jumped in on? Practice your anti airs.
  2. Are you getting smashed on wake up? Learn to block/what your reversal options are.
  3. Are you getting thrown? Look to tech.
  4. Are YOU jumping too much and eating AA’s? Try to improve your footsies.

etc etc.

Don’t focus on winning at this stage. Focus on improving.

Also check out the character specific thread for your main and read all of the stickies. They will give you basic strats, your bread n butter combos etc.

Also see if you can download Maj’s Guide to Footsies and checkout the Domination 101 thread section on here. It will help.

Good luck dude.

P.S. Try to befriend someone who is on the same level as you as a sparring partner. It’s good for both of you.


Thanks guys, this is exactly the type of stuff I was looking for. Going to study up, I didn’t even know I could watch my replays…

I actually played against a few people tonight locally and didn’t do too bad. One guy who definitely knew what he was doing but I held my own pretty well with Ryu. Was also playing on pad which I have not used even once to play a fighting game. If I had my stick I definitely could have beaten him.

Edit: where is the proper place to find people to match up with on here? I’d like to find someone around my level to play some games with.


Watch people on Twitch. I watch people play on Twitch all night long. I watch the competitions also. A lot of the people that play on there are pretty good and give good advice, especially if you ask


Practice and try to get your normals down. Can you dp when it is needed? Play online against good players, they only make u better. Start off with Ryu