How do I start learning 3S?


I’m more of a Super Turbo and SSF4 guy. 3rd Strike feels really different. I don’t even know where to start. Any pro tips on where to start or good tutorials that I could take a look at?


Oh boy. Okay, look up The Shend on Youtube. The guy’s got hundreds of pro 3S vids, and tutorials on every character. Also check out the Wiki: Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike - Shoryuken Wiki . Aside from that, go into training mode, pick out whoever and learn the basic combos; jumping, crouching, standing, etc. With regards to parrying. Do not go into anything thinking ‘I’m going to parry this or that’ you must first learn the matchups and etc before you could even dream of parrying well enough. Soon you start to see patterns; such as Shoto players who get knocked down do an SRK on wakeup, or Makato players like to jump or do command grab, and etc.



That video gives you the most basic rundown of the mechanics of 3s and has fantastic presentation.

[media=youtube]jjR0R2qJ0fM]YouTube - ?PS2???III 3rd STRIKE THE LIMITED EDITION Special DVD [ 01 [/media]

This is a tutorial DVD packaged with Japanese SF Anniversary edition which you can find on youtube. It’s all in Japanese, and the beginning portion of it is redundant if you’ve already watched the first video I linked, but it has a brief section for each character showing off bnb’s and special techniques. It also has some good mid level stuff in there too that shouldn’t be that hard to make sense of. It’s long so the video I linked is only the first 30 minutes. There is more to it that should be in the same channel.

If you have questions, there is a SF3:3s subforum on SRK with a decent amount of active 3s players still posting.


Which character are you looking to use, by the way?


that japanese tutorial is pretty fucking good. i wish i had watched it when i first started. even if you dont understand the japanese theyre speaking, itll show you how parrying works, how to beat it, how anti airs work and its options, and how teching throw, crouch tech, wiffing throws work.

very good to watch