How do I stay motivated?


I picked SSFIV AE for PC a few weeks ago, but my PC has been in the shop for the last week, and I haven’t been able to practice. When I got it back and up and running again, all my player data was gone. Now I have to beat Arcade Mode a bunch of times again to get all my stuff back, and I’m worse than I was before. I’ve beaten it on Easy multiple times before, but I haven’t been able to do it today, and it’s been a very frustrating experience to fail even in reclaiming what I’ve lost. How do I get past the frustration and stay motivated to improve?


Um, playing against CPU is not the way to get better, playing against people will
However, it sounds like a single player problem where your file just disappears and you lose all drive to play the game. Happened to me before in KH385/2. All I can say is that it’ll come back to you. Go watch some SF matches to get you hype or something


Is the single player not worth the effort? Keep in mind that I am brand new, and am still learning the very basics.


if you’re starting out
I guess you can sort of play it. if you feel it’s too easy then it’s time for pvp


Identify why you’re suddenly losing after the break.

Execution problems? Go to practice mode and spend 1+ hours there. Doesn’t help in actual fights? Set the practice mode opponent to CPU, steadily raise the difficulty or change opponent whenever you start having the upper hand.
Can’t wrap your head around it (wrong mindset)? Leave it for a couple hours for the frustration to dissipate.

You can also try experimenting with different characters, or if you’re doing that, actually focusing on one only for a period of time.

Excluding Seth, you shouldn’t be frustrated with the CPU opponents anyway. Their only purpose is to let you practice for live opponents. Not a destination, but a path to it.

Also, when fighting the CPU, keep in mind that you should never abuse the AI, you should always abuse the character/s. Be honest with yourself and don’t try to learn tricks that mean nothing when you finally fight against actual people.


Just use the unlocker from the other thread (the one labeled current) to unlock all the shit that you get from SP grind. Might have to run the unlocker in admin mode for it to work.


Use Devil Trigger


Keep playing CPU until you can perfect Hardest


That’s honestly the first time I’ve heard that.


It’s because it’s not a good idea (according to what I’ve read). I can see doing it if you have no online access. But if you have online access, just practice some combos for a couple of hours and go play online. Playing CPU extensively leads you to going all out and playing unsafe with stuff that players would punish. Playing against CPU is better than nothing obviously, but other players are what you want to play against.

What exactly did you lose? Titles?


Yeah, mostly. It’s nothing meaningful. It’s just frustrating.
I’m getting back to it though. I’m going out tonight to play in person.


We might be on about equal or near equal footing if you ever wanna play online.