How do I stop being thrown?


I know you can counter it with a throw, but how do I stop/counter someone that jams on the punch or kick and then throw? I was fighting a Ken with Cody and countering his moves, so he would manage to find a way in on me and then jam on the jab and short buttons, then throw me. Rince, repeat. I tried countering with a throw, but that just left me open for a combo.


As Cody his backdash is terrible and his EX Criminal Upper can be thrown out of they are not reliable options.
Learn how to crouch tech. If you can’t crouch tech in this game you’ll get thrown all . day . long. How to crouchtech? It’s easy.
The input for a throw is lk+lp, now you simply perform this action from a crouch blocking position and press throw at the rythm of the opponents attacks, don’t MASH it.
If it is a true blockstring you simply block, if he does a throw you tech it, if he mistimes a blockstring or frametrap you get a Try practicing this with a buddy in online training, let him do a few common attack patterns and see if you can tech his throw attempts.