How do I stop/counter this stuff?


I’m playing as Cody.

(1) Oni’s Sekisei Jiraiken
(2) Dhalsim’s teleport combo (port behind you punch/kick into fireball/super)
(3) Blanka roll into a throw or “surprise forward” into throw, electricity, etc.


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  1. Block high. If Oni’s getting a high/low mixup on you you just have to look out for the “jump”. try setting the dummy to do some jabs/shorts into the ground pound, then blocking it.

  2. Block high and crossup. There’s a pretty significant period of time between Sim teleporting and being able to attack, so unless you are in the middle of doing something (rock), you should be able to block it.

  3. delayed crouch-tech if he seems grab heavy, see if backdashing after the hop/roll works. (not super sure what to do about blanka, I hate blanka with a passion.)

I’m not a super advanced Cody player myself, but well timed zonks could also counter the first two.

tl;dr: Looking out for moves makes them easier to react to. It’s been scientifically proven that humans can react to a known stimulus faster than an unknown one. Know what the moves look like (Training mode), learn people’s tendencies with those moves (play more Onis, Dhalsims, Blankas, etc.).

Also @NotAbel :

When people say to go to training mode and practice defending, usually they are talking about either footsies or setups, since defending against “combos” boils down to knowing what moves to block high or low, a universal concept that transfers between characters. From there you can either record single moves and practice spacing to whiff punish them, or setups, which although can be timing intensive, are not so difficult that given enough time, a player can learn.

I may be completely wrong in my assertions, but I haven’t seen any setups other than Ibuki vortex and some safe jumps that I couldn’t replicate in training mode, and I consider my execution to be pretty terrible. If OP is posting about how to distinguish cross-up kunai from normal kunai, I can’t help and I personally don’t consider that a “newbie” question.


You can actually jab blanka out of the roll if you react quickly enough


Not sure if that works in the situation described, where blanka whiffs the roll into throw, but yeah you can mash jab and beat all blanka balls.


Well when blanka does the fake roll he wants to land right in front of you for max ambiguity. So I suppose if you jab you beat the ball and hit him before he can throw you. I don’t know Blanka well though.


1: Oni players wil usually do this when people go for a throw, or at places where he will usually do a throw, it is also used to blow up crouchteching. Best bet is aside from the hk version, the medium and light one can be punishe by xx hp CU or another special. Blockstun is short so do it fast. The hp version can’t be punished. You can focus these specials too so if you read it you can get a big combo. If for somereason they do the EX version, it is an overhead, hits two times, so you have to stand block it, punish with cr.hp xx special or U2.

2:I assume you mean the Dhalsim player does it from a setup, either knockdown or after a blocked fireball. If he does a raw teleport i do cr.hp or cl.hp. If it is from a knocdown try delayed wakup to mess up timing. Honestly Cody has to eat alot of those mixups, ex zonk will most likely whiff if he does the air teleport. Best way is to stay in Dhalsim his face and do not let up.
OS Dhalsim his teleport when pressuring him from the ground with a cr.lp,, the will come out if dhaslim does backdash or teleport and you can followup the with mk ruffian for nice damage. You can also U2 OS with, qcb+PPP) When you do a safe jump don’t OS with U2, mk ruffian, lk ruffian, ex ruffian etc, it doesn’t work, best bet is again because it gives big damage on backdash and teleport. An alternative OS from a safejump is, a bit easier and you can punish the recovery of their teleport with cr.hp or U2. It only air resets Dhalsim his backdash though so not much damage there.
Eventhough Sasaki still lost still good match and might give some insight in how to play it(abuse

3:The ball into throw is probably spaced in such a way that he doesnt hit you, so delay crouch tech is an answer for that, if you delay crouchtech and you block it nothing comes out, if he throws you’ll tech it. These balls are generally much slower than his other ones so you can actually react and do a cr.lp. If he does a blockstring into hop shenanigans you can mash cr.lp as it will beat anything he does after, is faster but you can’t hitconfirm it and it’s difficult to do follow up pressure if he blocks. If the Blanka player keeps doing electricity in your face after you are out of blockstun you can use xx mk ruffian(only from longer distances where you won’t get hit out of your startup, max range sweep also good) or do reliable EX zonk or even Ultra 2.