How do i stop rush down


I was playing cvs 2 at the arcades, and this other guy joined, he suddenly started rushing like mad. I was stuck blocking nearly the whole time. What the hell do i do!


Counter, or DP, or Super.


roll cancel.


RC if you can… if not, roll. Wait for him to throw out the laggiest move in his rushdown, roll threw it, knock his ass down. Trust me, if you stop him repeatedly, and force him to defend, you will fair much better.


In most cases, rush down beatings are something to be feared, chip damage is being done and it won’t be long before guard break hits.
In most cases, rolling is ideal, especially if you’re on N Groove and can dodge right behind them (heh, No Fear in Feint).
If you have really good reflexes, K and P. Parry or Just Defense to get in on an attack.


The best way to beat rushdown is to…

A) Pick Honda, goto the corner
B) Pick character with high priority attacks, do those attacks.
C) Pick C-groove, and do random supers.


your question is very vague and general, hence the generic response which i’m sure you have thought of already. it may be more helpful if you were more detailed in your question i.e. what character your opponent was using, what charcter you were using etc. if the answers you got helped you out tremenously that’s great.


Rush his ass down with a rush chr. or pick a turtle/zone character like hibiki or Vega.


Pick Vega. Pick a charcter with a reasonable DP.


Rush away!


pick bison

jump back hk away.


I don’t know what you play, but I play K. I’m reluctant to JD while in the middle of a rushdown. If I were to mess up, It’d be my head. What I try to do is play rushdown myself. The 1st thing I do in a match is throw out a move that’s tough to punish. With my Terry I like to start with a mk Crack shoot, and if it hits I rush away (usually doesn’t), and If it’s blocked, I’ll block downwards and wait for him to jump and RT him. If he doesnt, I move in with a barrage of lk and lp. it’s so fun x 3 -> lk power dunk. gets 'em every time :smiley: …ok…not every time…but sometimes :slight_smile:

You're probably misinterpreting the "Winner Keeps Same Team" rule

I use K groove, and I think I know what kind of situation are you talking about. sometimes you lose the momentum and you get completely rushed and seem unable to stop it…

if I start panicking now I’d be dead. so what I do is reset my mind to think as if the next attack is the first one he’s done in a while, anticipate it and start JDing. after a few JD either he’ll lose the timings on his pressure chains or he’ll have big gaps between some of his moves. counter then.


RC blanka level 1 super -_-


I think ur just retarded.