How do I stop tick throws?

How do I stop tick throws? Is it’s success effected by the character?

I have looked around and can’t find any way to counter it :confused:

Edit: This is about SSF4

learn to tech

You can Option Select crouch tech.

I think it goes: cr. lk~lp.

~ means to plink it.

if you were to play ken, he will fucking throw you. Its a damn given. Since his Kara throw has such good range, you will be in trouble of tick throw.

Anyway, if Ken was to pressure you and if he stopped to walk up to you, 2 things will either happen:

  1. He walked up to give more pressure.

  2. He walked up to throw you.

With OS crouch tech, you just limited his options.

If he walked up on you, perform the OS. If he attacks, the cr. lk will come out and will either stuff or trade with his attacks. If he tried to grab, then grab will come out and lo and behold, you teched his throw. as long as you are not in the corner, you just lived to fight another day.

Disclaimer: I am not exactly sure of the inputs.

you pretty much have to know theyre coming. knowing how to predict throws in general comes from experience.

alot of times people try to throw after a blocked jump in attack

You know how to tech a throw right?

thats not how crouch teching works. Why would you give someone advice without actually knowing?

Its like that episode of the Simpsons where homer is like “I gave the guy directions, even though I didnt know the way!”

anyway, to crouch tech you press downback+lp+lk

I spam throws and OS as hard as i possibly can to try and stop them but it never works.

The trick is holding down back and pressing LATE, teching a throw has larger window than many people think it has, if you do it early your cr.short will come out and you’ll get grabbed out of it’s startup. You can only tech throws early if you’re stand teching which isn’t a good idea because you’ll be open to other stuff (SRKs, your opponent would walk back and punish your throw whiff recovery…etc).

Finally, it’s not a good a idea to mash on OS tech, you’ll get frame trapped and counter hit to death. Good players even know how counter late techs, that’s when it starts to be a guessing game (otherwise we would have never seen a throw being landed on high level gameplay), sometimes I’m just willing to get thrown than to eat a huge counter hit combo from a good Cody player for example.


The best way to tech throws is to read when it’s coming. This comes with both experience and adaptation. When you start playing people who mix up their patterns then you’ll have to learn how to properly crouch tech. When you start playing people who punish you for crouch teching you have to go back to step 1.

Late Tech, metallicaband has it on point, read his post again and understand it.
Kelter Skelter’s advice of reading your opponent is key too… most folks online will tend to go for throws when given certain situations. You have to recognise these and react accordingly… most are things such as cr.jab, cr.jab, throw; or if you’re blocking too much recognise the walk-up, throw.

and finally, these are ALL of the options you have to beat throw:
3.jump an invincible reversal a non invincible reversal that only beats throws (like abels command grab, chuns lk hasan shu… etc etc)

thats alot of options to beat throws. 3-6 are if you really anticipate when your opponent is going to throw you. 1. has the easiest timing, but is weak to low attacks and airborn moves. 2. has harder timing, but can be “spammed” since it can be done from crouch block, the timing is tighter though since crouchtech gives you only 7 frames to tech whereas standtech gives you 10 frames to tech. use both, smartly, especially if your is slower than 3 frames (throws come out in 3 frames, so they are quicker than crouchtechs with 4 frame or slower normals)

which is why so many dhalsims use standtech alot… its there quickest move…


like azproc said if u block an attack and see ur opponent take a step forward be ready to tech

crouch tech

Start throwing more and you’ll get a better feel for when a throw might be coming from your apponent. Learn to love the throw game, it’s part of street fighter. Tick throwing is a great mind game and if used correctly, can get you some damage even against very good players. Alot of times you’ll see good players end up throw tech-ing eachother more often than beginners/intermediate players…it’s becasue they are alays aware that they were in a situation where it’s throw or be thrown. And I’d reccomend late teching over reversals bc it’s safer. If you get too reversal happy, players will find out when you throw out reversals and just bait/punish them for the rest of the match. If you’re really tired of getting thrown pick Zangief, T-Hawk, Abel, or Honda…as someone previously stated…command grabs > standard throws. I didn’t put Hakkan into the list because IMO he’s definately not a beginner friendly character…or a pro friendly character for that matter lol.

And to elaborate a little more on what an option select throw tech is…

Holding down and back while pressing throw (lp+lk) does three things for you.

  1. It keeps you in guard position before and after the throw input,
  2. If your apponent does try and throw you your throw will cancel or “tech” it, and keep you from being thrown
  3. If your apponent doesn’t throw, you’ll just do a crouching lk which is a relatively safe normal.

You aren’t completely protected…an overhead (with good spacing), a move with invincibility or even a well timed counter poke that catches you while your lk is out there, or a command grab can all easily beat your OS throw tech…but you’ll be safe from about 3/4 of what people will try and do to you so that’s why it’s a popular defensive tactic.

actually reversals are REALLY good for stopping throws AND throw techs, cause they also stop frame traps. cant be predictable with them which means not to do them much at all… but they are a good way to send the message “you are being WAY to predictable bro” and the only way to stop a reversal in that situation is to block… i cant count how many times ive backthrown people that try to bait my reversal in the middle of there blockstring… lol.


Tech hard all day

if your playing sf4 the time of error for teching a throw is so long, i’d say the best way to learn is to just tech visual reaction, you can litterally see a couple of frames of the throw before you can’t tech anymore.

that makes it so theres much less mind game and assumably a much better defense.

I agree with what dime said. Don’t be afraid to throw out a reversal here and there when you see someone stop and walk forward. If you catch them going for a tick throw once, they’ll be reluctant to try it again which in turn alleviates the pressure you receive. Even high level players go for potentially unsafe reversals because if their opponent initially baited it out, they still have to respect that if they get too cute with tick throws and walking forward, you’re going to punish them.

I don’t know how to explain this. Usually I sense a rythem in most players tick throws based on muscel memory, a human factor if you will where if you see one player do something specific your mind tells you what to expect. It’s like players feed off of other players tactics so eventually it becomes pedictable, it can get to a point where you almost know when a tick throw is coming. It only gets harder at high level play where players mix up all kinds of ways. I could tell you to use Tech stratagy or visually react (Which is hard to do online due to input delay) but it mostly comes from experience and Teching is not always reliable due to frame traps so you don’t want to become predictable, it’s best sometimes to take a throw if your not sure. You eventually just start seeing things clearer and will react accordingly.

One good example is you can tell when someone may Tick Throw if your really ahead in health and they get the upper hand on you. Almost always you can sense tick throw coming if they get close enough. Especially on Boxer players. It’s like a panic mode or fustration where they need to get you down. So the throw almost always follows eventually.

Truth is there is no cookie cutter way out of this, you just need more experience dealing with tick throws, practice your tech skills and learn to read your opponent. But I think the best way to avoid them is to not put yourself in that position, zoning is your best friend and punish everything they throw carelessly at you will make life easier.