How Do I Stop Wesker?

I looked in the forums for a thread but I couldn’t find one so I made one myself.
Wesker is one of the few characters that just out right flattens me. So I need some good anti Wesker Strategies to put an end to all that “Complete Global Saturation”. I used a Spidey, Iron Man, Deadpool team which fairs pretty well normally (Iron Man needs work because I just picked him up really. needed and assist for spidey for a long time, and its working well or cross ups and getting in there) but when ever someone comes in with Wesker and REALLY knows what they are doing he alone smashes my whole team or leaves them nearly dead for the remaining 2 characters to make quick work or my team’s health. his insane teleport, cross up, mix up, overhead, and pressure game are just insane, and I could really use some anti-Wesker Tactics and strategies. I seriously have trouble stopping this ridiculous bastard…

Try zoning him out. That’s imo probably Wesker’s biggest weakness. He’s only really dangerous when he gets in your face. So use like Deadpool guns assist, Iron man Unibeam assist (which, is my opinon) to zone high and mid screen. While you use web shot to also try and catch him. He’ll HAVE to come to you in order to do damage. And just try mixing him up without having him catch your assists. Honestly? that’s what I would reccomend. Cuz I’m in the same boat as you. Fucking Wesker imo is the most annoying character in Vanilla marvel and I can usually have trouble with him too. So I feel your pain :’(

depending on the situation after a 'port you can airthrow, Deadpool lvl3, block > XF > punish, whatever. if he’s doing airthrow mixups every time, tech them. if he’s really lazy with his teleports, you should be able to harry him with Unibeam or Deadpool’s guns, but i doubt you’ll be able to keep him out. if any of your assists hit low, use that to create unblockables if you can get on the offensive.

i play wesk, and one thing that keeps me in the hole a[RE] counters, like Metrocitythug said, when he gets in your face he can be deadly, so use deadpool to zone him and counter with the level 3, if you play deadpool

I’ve mained Wesker since day one and I know that the 2 things that Wesker can’t handle is LAAAAAMMMEEEE ass zoning, or a character that can rush down better (and is much faster) than he. Now Wesker does beat a lot of zoning characters, but you gotta know the right tools to zone with (remember he is vulnerable at the start and end of all his teleports). Some characters that give him the most trouble on their own are Viewtiful Joe, Deadpool, and Trish. Joe can throw two Voomerangs out which really keeps Wesker at bay. Deadpool just spam jump back medium guns and mix in some stand guns and ninja gifts. Trish can throw projectiles while having traps laid. But just about any other character with the right assist will zone Wesker out. Characters like Doctor Doom, Sentinel, Dormammu, Arthur, Chris, Magneto, Taskmaster just need another assist to lock him down.

Faster characters beat Wesker because compared to them, his moves come out slower, and coincidentally enough most of these characters are small and thus makes it harder for Wesker to hit. These are characters like Zero, Amaterasu, Wolverine, and C. Viper. Zero is a massive pain in that he’s got a small hurtbox because he is little but his saber has a normal sized hitbox which makes him such a task to deal with. These characters are all also faster than Wesker is, so it’s easy for them to get around, easy to land hits, more difficult to get hit, and they all do reasonable amounts of damage.

Now you may be questioning my thinking because Wesker seems to be so gdlk and I’ve named like half the cast as people who can beat him. But those are just all the things he is vulnerable to, but in the grand scheme of team building, you’d likely want the strongest and best overall characters that’ll size up against as many characters in the game as possible and those who don’t require heavy execution skills, so you might wanna avoid characters like Joe, Viper, or Arthur and go with say Sentinel, Wolverine, and Taskmaster.

yeah zoning really gets me thats why I gotta have a assist to help me get in

Level 3 x-factor wesker, lost to him 3 times now. No idea what I can do. Can’t get away, can’t punish. What do?

“try harder”, lol

snap him in?

rush down is wesker’s greatest combo starter though. if someone is dumb enough to attack wesker, lets just say[tiger[sagat swag] uppercut] and [rhinestone charge]

There is no stopping wesker… Therefore you take it and you like it.

Actually, wesker’s weakness isn’t to zoning characters, specifically. He’s got teleports, you know. And assists.

Wesker’s weaknesses are

1)anyone who can effectively fight under ground F Samurai Edge (Dog, Wolverine)
2)anyone who can effectively punish A teleports at long range (i’m looking at you Zero)
3)anyone who threaten Wesker from a 45 degree angle at Super jump height (phoenix)
4)characters whose airthrows outrange (dog) or pose greater threat (magneto) than weskers

combine any of those w/ Tron assist… wesker’s gonna have a hard day. Haggar assist only really works against wesker in the air or teleporting, as his whole attack string goes under Lariat.

On the flip side, Wesker demolishes any characters that have a hard time getting around gunshots (Sent, Thor, Haggar, Tron, Dormammu, Doom, Hulk)

Honestly the best way to beat Wesker is to learn him IMO. When I started the game all the guys I play with used Wesker and I had no idea how to handle it. Once I picked him up myself, I understood/could anticipate his mixups/setups because I was actually doing them myself. Takes a bit more effort than basic strats/counterpicking, but it pays off.

Block more:rofl:

Couple vids I made for dealing with basic Wesker shit. Not gonna help you beat Viscant but it’s something.



you cant stop wesker, you can just postpone the inevitable

lol stop Wesker…and you expect me to take this thread seriously.

I honestly don’t think Wesker has any blaring weaknesses. The only reliable way to beat Wesker is to hit him before he hits you or to block and burn x-factor to punish him.

The funny thing is you’re doing a better job describing Zero than Wesker.

lol I’m a Zero player after all :rofl:

but I find Zero easy to blow up if you know how he plays, but that’s just me. he’s definitely not Wesker class.

A simple example is Zero is completely vunerable during any of his teleports, and can be punished accordingly if you can sense one coming or even see one. I’ve actually played someone who mained she-hulk and he read every single one of my air teleports and converted into her anti-air super. There’s more but I don’t feel like righting a guide right now.

Rush him down HARD.