How do I take apart the SE joy stick?

I want to take it apart so I can glue down the washer, but I don’t really know how.

that should help

I’m trying to get like the shaft part off, with the spring and all that good stuff. I’m trying to remove that.

you got to remove the eclip for that use a flat head screw driver and needle nose pliers watch it though those things flt all over the place

edit: to make it more clear the e clip is that little peice of metal on top of the sticks actuator or underneath he the crevice you used to unscrew the balltop

I think this is gonna be difficult. Any pointers to do it?

yea that thing is a little bastard

but yea you just got to pull it out with pliers a screwdriver might help as well be careful though dont bend the clip or lose it haha

Ok, I got it off. It was a bitch, but I got it. xD

Double post. Now how can do I get it back on. <.<

Pliers, a hammer, a vice.

I got it on. I just placed it on and the spring held it in place. Once it was steady enough, I pushed it against my table with a good amount of pressure and it went on there nice and smooth.