How do I take off the Qanba E-Clip?


I’ve been trying for an hour with different flat-heads to try and take the E-clip off of this Qanba Q1 joystick but it won’t budge. For those who have conquered this task, how did you go about taking off the clip?


Stupid Question, can you take a picture of this stick and it’s e-clip and post it here.
It might be nothing, but maybe I will see something you might have missed.


For some reason I could not remove the SFAC e-clip for the life of me, so I just took it down to Ace Hardware and asked the guy to remove it for me. He whipped out some kind of swiss army knife and popped it off in seconds.

My trusty flathead just wouldn’t work


That kind of takes a bit of knack, and just some time around the hardware trade.
Its not something I can teach with a forum post, its a very hands-on learning process.
You need to get what ever pry tool you are using in there and get some good leverage.
Sometimes a screw driver is too wide and you have to switch to a thinner screw driver or other pry tool.
I keep a dulled blade swiss army knife around in my tool box for miscellaneous use.


Whenever I remove E-clips, I use mini screwdriver sets like this one
or various pocket knives.