How do I test my legacy controller?


Hi everyone!

So I decided, I wanna get into Revelator, to do so I’d need to purchase PS+ and the game itself from PSN store. But unfortunately I don’t have PS4 Arcade Stick, what I have is Custom Stick that uses Paewang PCB (x360/ps3/pc all in one), it works very well with SF5 on PC, no problem detecting it etc.
So my question is, how can I possibly test if it’s gonna work with legacy control option in Revelator? I don’t wanna throw my money away so easily for both PS+ and game only to discover that it’s not going to work unless I buy brand new PS4 stick. AFAIK there’s no GG demo available on PSStore to test this kind of thing. I tried downloading KOF14 demo to try it with my stick, but it didn’t work (no detection at all), but later i’ve read that the demo itself doesnt support legacy control, only full version does.

So what should I do? I’m obviously not going to gamble so much money being uncertain whether it’s going to work at all.


It uses the zero lab driver so any stick that works with skullgirls or sfv on ps4 should work. Theres a thread on sfv compatibility on this forum witch you can find using the search function.


Buy it on ps3, no ps plus required

the 720p is noticeably different but still looks good, and you got cross play